True Blood Season 6 Episode 5 Fuck the Pain Away Summary plus Promo

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In the next episode of true blood season 6 episode 5 entitled Fuck the Pain Away”, Wanting to finally learn the truth about her past Sookie recruits Lafayette to summon her dead parents; Warlow revisits some painful memories with Lilith; Eric and Tara resort to drastic measures to rescue Pam; Jason reconnects with Sarah Newlin; Andy picks up the pieces of his ravaged family.

Did you watch the thrilling episode of true blood season 6? I’m sure you did. In the previous episode “At Last”, Jason is being shot in their house while outside in the house there is Nial confronting Nora way back in the inside Ben help Sookie to get Jason to stand and put in the sofa and Sookie goes to the kitchen and looking for something while Ben bite his arm blood are falling exactly to Jason’s mouth and suddenly he is alright.

Sam help up Nicole and Emma to escape from Alcide and they take to the woods and in the other side there is Lafayette with the car. Since Governor Burell is still on the hunt in finding her daughter Willa Burell his next stop with the LAVTF team is the Ginger house and I’m sure Willa is not their because she is with Eric.

Terry sits while watching the news as her four faerie nieces watches him that they have a conversation and when Terry can’t handle them good ting Arlene is on the rescue and she told them to sleep and when the light is turned off someone making a noise and one of the girls kick off the bed and says “Oh not Again” and they grow so fast as 17 years old now. They decided to go out as they want to party they take their father Squad Car but they didn’t know that Bill and Jessica are outside watching them and verifying if they are in fact a Faerie.

Jason is doing with his pull ups and Sookie get up from her bed and went to the living room and she finds a drop of blood she test the blood using a faerie magic as Niall told to her and the blood blows up as Niall had. The four girls went to the liquor store but they can’t get any bottle of it and there is Jessica who wants to be good with them and the girls goes with her and Bill.

Willa Burrell is setting in the bench and obviously waiting for Eric to come and she wants to taste Eric’s blood so badly and it peaks Eric’s interest if she really want to help him and Willa answers yes. Eric carries Willa in the middle of the empty forest and digs a grave before helping Willa inside. Eric start to unbutton his shirt and Willa says that she is still a virgin an excited with fear and Eric just smiles into it and they jump into the grave. Eric use his shirt where Willa will be lying and he start to bite in Willa’s neck after a moment Eric gets Willa’s crucifix and use it to puncture his skin and let the blood flowing and she let Willa to taste his blood. Eric hire some people that can get the thirst of Willa in the moment and when she wants to sex with Eric he refuses it but rather Eric wants her to come home with his father Will get mad but she don’t have the choice but to do it. Willa goes home and he is facing with his dad saying he needs to stop all the things that he is doing against the vampires, the LAVTF and the camp. She steps to come with her father and saw his father with a blood she can’t control with herself and try to bite and Mrs. Newlin shot her at the back.

The four faerie girls are with Bill and Jessica and the only thing that they want is the blood where bill wants to examine it while bill is downstairs Jessica is in charge with the four girls. The girls got bored and they want to go home now Jessica insist and stand in the front of the door and she grabs one arm of the girl and bite it and actually Jessica bite them all lying in the floor while Jessica is crying begging for Bill that they are still alive.
Sookie went to Ben’s house just to invite a dinner in the next night and Ben just say yes with it. Later that night Jason and Niall have something figure out about Ben that he is a warlow they come into Ben’s apartment and Niall is in the big trouble lying in the floor unconscious while Jason is in control with Ben since he have the blood of Ben in his body Jason left Niall and Ben started to bite Niall and spits the blood in the tub. Ben puts Niall in the back of the car and went into the bridge where Sookies parents have died he is trying to fight but he can’t because of so much blood that he have lost Ben opens a gate into the other dimension he throw Niall into it.

True Blood Season 6 Episode 5 Fuck the Pain Away , Way back to Sookies house Ben finally comes and the dinner is ready and after the dinner Sookie plays a soft music. Ben kissed Sookie and they try to have an intimate scene and Ben tries to get off Sookies dress and she lays Sookie in a sofa kissing her all the way. Sookie breaths a moment says she can get over it now. Ben looks at Sookie with a deadly eye saying “Get the fuck off me or die Warlow”, revealing that she has a supernova spell charge at the back of Ben.

Check out the promo of the upcoming episode Fuck the Pain Away:

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