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We all know the story but this time it will be change! For the reason is in season 3 for their will be an betrayal happening in this season and not only that this season. In the month of March 9, 2013, the producer announced that Suits will have another recurring character which her named is Eva, a former beauty queen who is the CEO of a British petrol organization named Rossington Oil. Not only that they announced again on June 4, they discovered that one of Game of Thrones character will move in at this show for the I know she was been captured you heart and also a mother and that was Michelle Fairley (Lady Catelyn Start in Game of Thrones who die on Season 3). She will become fresh face lawsuit that could cost her the family business, and puts her trust in Harvey to fight the charges against her. In if you want to catch up the new season and to see again Catelyn just don't miss Suits Season 3 Episode 1 which will due on July 16, 2013 only at

For the time on their another person added in the cast which his name was Max Beesley an British actor, that he will be part as a major recurring character was Stephen Huntley, Edward Darby's right-hand man and Harvey's British counterpart, whose existence is set to complicate the condition at the new firm.

The premiere in on but their will be another will be part in season 3 that was announced on June 3, 2013, which her role of Rachel's mother, Laura, was being cast, and a day later, it was declared that the role of Jessica's mother was also being cast. The two characters will launching in the fifth and seventh Suits episodes of season 3 respectively

Hoping you will not miss this premiere episode of Suits that will broadcast on July 16, 2013. And I will gave you a short overview of this episode which the titled episode is “The Arrangement”, Jessica's had a new business partnership will be tried and true; Harvey necessary to turn up a high-profile client's innocence; Mike tries to bring off the outcome from his disclosure.

What do you think of this new Suits ad campaign? Love it or hate it? Weigh-in below!

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