Malcolm Merlyn is Back in Starling City on Arrow Season 2 Episode 22, Plus Photos

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I know you are excited to watch the finale installment which the episode title is “Unthinkable” that will be air on May 14, 2014. But before the episode finale here’ what we will expect thing will goanna be appear at last and who was I am talking about? We’ll the Dark Archer Malcolm Merlyn.

Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) is back in Starling City, in I have two proof of that these first look photos of Arrow Season 2 Episode 22 – “Street of Fire”. In thanks to the Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg gave us a hint, reason why he was back in city.

“This is will be an intense fight and also it looks like the city and Thea will put in danger in an unwarranted quandary, and Merlyn will saved his daughter Thea. Malcolm suggest to her that what she doesn’t have n her life” revelaved by Kreisberg.

Thea will also be headed in a new direction, “That was part of our math with killing Moira — that if we were going to send Thea in that direction, she needed to have nothing pulling her back here”. Kreisberg added “Now she has a brother who lied to her and has done something unforgivable, and no mother. And on the flip side, she has Malcolm Merlyn saying, ‘I will never lie to you, Thea.’”

We are aware that Malcolm was still alive that we been surprised that after five months pretending that he was dead, Moira was stunt to see Malcolm still exist that his death was just an illusion and confront Moira that he know already that Thea was his daughter and not to Robert.

In addition Malcolm still doing seeing Moira privately and he was still in guilt that he was the reason of Tommy death. In because of Felicity knows that secret regarding Thea true father. That when Thea was been kidnapped it happen Moira conclude that Malcolm was the person who kidnapped but it’s not.

Slade confront also Thea and reveled the secret of her true father in it was Malcolm and that is the reason why Thea was so distant to Moira and Oliver for lying to him all this years.

We all know Malcom was in round because of Thea but one thing he was a reason to fight Slade, killing Moira. This will be excitement to witness this scene.

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