John Wesley Shipp Joins in The Flash as Barry’s Father

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All speculations and humor are now will answer all the question regarding who gonna play Barry father, we’ll CW released that John Wesley Shipp will be part of new series of CW which was Arrow spin-off.

I know some of the “oldest” recognize this because Wesley was the original ‘The Flash’ in year 1990’s TV series and now this is awesome, for he will be part again of the newest DC comic based story of Flash.

The Flash will be featured to a detective scientist Barry Allen who experience e an unexpected accident to his life that will change everything especially himself, for the reason he will get the super speed which means transforms as the Fastest Man Alive. In because what happen to his mother which the person and the public suspect that his father was the reason why his mother died, Barry as a son he will get and prove to the people that his father was innocent.

So what we will expect to the pilot episode of The Flash? We’ll according to Andrew (Kreisberg) and Geoff (Johns) said the only person will able to plat this character is no other than John Wesley Shipp, Greg Berlanti gave us a hint that in the premiere expect an emotional and heartbroken scene with Barry with his father and not only that expect that he will be around in the episode of The Flash.

Shipp, who is also known for his role on Dawson's Creek as Dawson's dad, will recur on The Flash.

I know you are excited to this show and my own opinion this will be more awesome will happen in TV history, so better not miss each episodes.

The Flash 2014 will air on Tuesday at 8/7c this year fall! I yea at below you can check the promotional videos of the said series.

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