Will Damon Salvatore Die in The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Season Finale?

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We are familiar with this handsome man, right? We’ll we all know some of the diehard fans of TVD love this man and some hate him. But in my own opinion without Damon Salvatore in this show will result a “flop”. Because of his charismatic character and also his solid jaw line.

As the bad boy of the show, he goes by this motto: "If you're going to be bad, be bad with a purpose. Otherwise, you're just not worth forgiving."

Anyhow, back in the business many of the fans are asking what will be the next thing Damon will do to get the series ore interesting and what things we will expected unto him. This Season 5 there was speculation Damon will be vanished…

According to the interviewed by E! Online, Kristen had a segment with Ian Somerhalder say what we will expecting in the epic finale of The Vampire Diaries;

The ending, I think, is really going to throw people. It definitely involves Damon in a very cool way. There is some very very cool stuff with Damon, Elena, Bonnie…stuff you just didn't see…It is definitely a cliffhanger

But wait there’s more hot news according to Entertainment Wise. The site reports that Ian inferred will center on Damon. That Ian state Damon will pressed regarding the survival.

When Damon dies, it is the dopest scene

Keep calm there’s no assurance that Damon will die in this season! But one thing sure is that Damon will die, and it will be nerve-wracking that Ian has an idea that Damon character will be going out and in of the scene…

According to Caroline Dries, which she was the executive producer of The Vampire Diaries! Ian state again that he exposed to exit the show except he has a condition. Dries says the handsome actor take the side and said he would leave the TVD if Enzo will die.

In thankfully we still saw Enzo appearing on the previous one (ghost) in this will be exciting again that I love also Enzo for he was like Klaus but no one can comprehend Klaus.

He (Enzo) is going to become a ghost villain moving forward. We'll see him all the way through to the finale as the bad guy

We are all aware that things are still in blurred as well in Mystic Falls! That many her says, news and some of them are going to be see in The Vampire Diaries Season 5 finale.

So, what can you say we’ll Damon (Ian Somerhalder) will die on this Season? Just comment at below to have a short conversation.

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