Teen Wolf Season 3: Deucalion introduced himself as the Demon Wolf!

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Yes! Finally Deucalion introduced himself in previous episode 4 “Unleashed” with a speech that inspired chills in some, chuckles in others. Complete with a work of art of thunder and lightning punctuating each line, Deucalion gave new meaning to narcissism with a brief but memorable monologue.

“I am the Alpha of Alphas. I am the apex of apex predators. I am death, destroyer of worlds. I am the Demon Wolf.”

I am the Alpha of Alphas” – is pretty self-explanatory. He is the head of the Alpha Pack which is group of Alphas so he could the Alpha of the group. While this also evocative of the biblical reference to Jesus as “King of Kings”, the Son of God wasn’t bearing the title.

A number of far more worldly leaders in ancient times, like Tukulti-Ninurta of Assyria, used it first. It was basically the “ultimate badass” title of the way back when and was used by a lot of completely normal folks who erroneously believed themselves to be gods.

I am he Apex of Apex Predators” – It’s a direct reference to being a predator that has no other natural predators. So basically Deucalion is saying that nothing – on the entire planet – can beat him. This means he apparently believes that he can beat a Lion, a Kodiak bear, a Crocodile and every human being and every werewolf on earth. That is what we call – Narcissism.

I am Death, Destroyer of Worlds” – this words is perhaps the deepest of his boasts. That’s a quote made legendary by Robert Oppenheimer one of the creators of the Atomic Bomb- Oppenheimer never destroyed anything personally but he set in action events that he believed could bring about the end of all life on this planet.

Oppenheimer was quoting the Bhagavad-Gita – Hindu Scripture. My poor translation of the scripture suggests that the line was a god introducing himself prior to a battle. The god explains that all the enemy soldiers are already dead because he has willed it so. For Deucalion to see himself in this light is expected by most viewers since he is a schemer and sort of an evil genius and believes himself to be infallible and unstoppable and it is a perfect example of… Narcissism.

I am the Demon Wolf” – His final self-congratulatory name “The Demon Wolf” could be from anywhere really. It is a quote from the cheesy 1970s TV Movie called “Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell”. So whenever I hear “Demon Wolf” it’s a German Shepard puppy sitting in a pentagram surrounded by aging hippies who thing they’re devil worshipers.

Check out tonight’s Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 5 here on telepisodes.net with the full episode that you’ll surely enjoy. Just tune in here for more updates about Teen Wolf.

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