The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 21 – Is Stefan Salvatore Dies?

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What an awesome episode from The Vampire Diaries, right? I know it was a cliffhanger what will happen to your favorite cast and what will be the Travelers accomplish their plans to get the Mystic Falls and not only that to bring back the balance.

Now I know you still cannot move on what happen to our Stefan Salvatore which I am positive that Stefan was still alive and here some reason;
  • In the promotional clip I just saw Damon and the gang are setting up some of the bombs where everyone trying to save Stefan… Where some of the Travelers with Markos, and that’s mean all in Mystic Falls will die? I am confused to that!
  • We are still aware that Damon, Elena, Caroline, Matt and Jeremy standing over Stefan corpse. In is Stefan was really dead, we’ll maybe Paul Wesley will have an enormous spoiler that will never allowed a cast if he was still part in the cast. Which I think they are not allowed to spoil a major thing to us.
  • In also I just read that in the next season Caroline will make an action to Stefan. Unless they are just lying regarding that issue, but if now I will be glad to hear that Stefan (Paul Wesley) will be around to us.
  • Paul really enjoys messing with the fandom. This is totally somewhat he would lie about to divert himself.
  • The writers have invested too much into Stefan’s character improvement to end his character here.
  • Even though I from time to time to think Julie Plec’s ideas are crazy and/or stupid, she is without doubt not stupid enough to kill Stefan.
  • In lastly we all know many fans love Stefan character in TVD, where I read some comments that they are piss to the writer that they just kill off Stefan in the show. Where they are threaten that if Stefan will be not appearing they will able not to watch this show and that’s means the viewers will able to drop.
In now I am thinking Paul was just trolling in the twitter which all of his tweets are just false that we will see him if he will be around in the next episode of The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 22: Home that will air on May 15, 2014 only at

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