OK! So we see that Abraham, Eugene and Rosita appears last season of The Walking Dead in Season 4 and now I know you are asking, we’ll father Gabriel will able to pop of on Season 5?

Wish granted guys because TWD official announce that Father Gabriel will show this season, in fact Seth Gilliam will play this character. This is interesting because in the upcoming episode we will see him which have a huge part in the series.

I know you are excited to this character, if you want to know him just read it at below, FYI! All the information at below are just based on the Comics of TWD.

 Father Gabriel Stokes before the zombie apocalypse it happen he was the reverend of a local community church in Georgia. This man had a secret dark side of him, he turned away the survivors during the early days of zombie outbreak, it was so horrifying thing happen that he left them alone listening their dying screams.

After that the church begun the target of different groups especially the flesh eaters or also known as the Hunters. Rick group been corner that Dale legs cut where the Cannibals eat it. In because he had no more option Stokes was forced to track down the Hunters, after that when they saw the Hunters tutored Rick and the group in front of them, where they do must do just to survive.

Now the question is where father Gabriel is the person get Beth? What can you say to Rev. Gabriel is he good or sneaky men?

First look at Father Gabriel (Walking Dead Season 5). Below is a set picture of new character Father Gabriel from the Walking Dead comics (being played by previously reported actor Seth Gilliam).

Check it out:

All speculations and humor are now will answer all the question regarding who gonna play Barry father, we’ll CW released that John Wesley Shipp will be part of new series of CW which was Arrow spin-off.

I know some of the “oldest” recognize this because Wesley was the original ‘The Flash’ in year 1990’s TV series and now this is awesome, for he will be part again of the newest DC comic based story of Flash.

The Flash will be featured to a detective scientist Barry Allen who experience e an unexpected accident to his life that will change everything especially himself, for the reason he will get the super speed which means transforms as the Fastest Man Alive. In because what happen to his mother which the person and the public suspect that his father was the reason why his mother died, Barry as a son he will get and prove to the people that his father was innocent.

So what we will expect to the pilot episode of The Flash? We’ll according to Andrew (Kreisberg) and Geoff (Johns) said the only person will able to plat this character is no other than John Wesley Shipp, Greg Berlanti gave us a hint that in the premiere expect an emotional and heartbroken scene with Barry with his father and not only that expect that he will be around in the episode of The Flash.

Shipp, who is also known for his role on Dawson's Creek as Dawson's dad, will recur on The Flash.

I know you are excited to this show and my own opinion this will be more awesome will happen in TV history, so better not miss each episodes.

The Flash 2014 will air on Tuesday at 8/7c this year fall! I yea at below you can check the promotional videos of the said series.

Arrow Season 3 will be more excitement, new enemy, Thea fate and the new Canary in Starling City. The Season 2 finale “Unthinkable” was an intense and epic which we are cliffhanger what will happen next, why Oliver was in Hong Kong and Sara will back in Starling City? Many question pups up in our mind that the only will answer is people around of the show.

TVLine request cast member of Arrow where they have a Q and A portion, I know you are excited what will be their answer of the sizzling question. Here’s some of what the cast shared to us.

Who will be the Arrow Arch Enemy? Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen aka Arrow) want to answer the question but that question refuse, who will be the enemy of Arrow this Season 3, where in Season 2 his “friend” Slade will take him down, which means Slade will be not around as like is Season 2 that he control everybody. In he added this season will be a bit of change.

Related News: Do you know that John Barrowman will be Regular of Arrow Season 3, where I am freaking out right now because the Dark Archer will be in action again.

Thea’s fate, what will be Malcolm Plan to his Daughter? We saw that one again Thea was been disloyal to his mother, brother and now her boyfriend, which that anger pointing that and an I cannot blame her for what close to her heart doing to him. But on the other side I know the reason why they are keeping secret and sometimes lying to Thea just want to be safe.

In now that Thea discover her father was Malcolm Merlyn and she saw him face to face in the finale, where John Barrowman will be regular this season. In suspected Malcolm train Thea to be stronger and not believing any people around him especially his brother and Roy, in if it happen Malcolm was just not right as a father which cross finger that Thea will be not villain. (The actor’s other big wish for Season 3: less claustrophobic Dark Archer duds. “I’ve already said to [exec producer] Andrew Kreisberg, ‘I want an ouftit like Stephen [Amell]‘s, but in black.’”)

Is Laurel lance will be the next Canary? We know that her little sis Sarah will rejoin to Nyssa and the League of the Assassins, after that Sara and laurel moment that Sara wanted to left some important things and Sara gave her leather jacket to laurel, which I know all of us, wait what! Is Laurel will be the next Canary? Katie Cassidy relied with a smile that she says it not necessary the Canary passed the torched to him. We quite know that Katie just begun to fit which she last saw lifting some weight and maybe she will just preparing of action or something to be part of the Arrow.

I know you have many question wanted to answer but keep that or comment at below to have answer in your mind. Arrow Season 3 will be awesome and epic scene….

In the finale scene of The Originals Season finale it appeared that two person are walking like drunk with a man tall to her, the lady was talking to the grave in gave  flower, shocking that grave was namely by “Ester,” where I presume that was Ester controlling another body with his loyal son Fin. Now I know the reason why Ester back for she want to kill all of his son and daughter with the new born baby Hope will be in danger also. Now this season 2 we will look forward a reunion of the Originals family. The Originals Season 2 will be landed in Fall Season.

Still we will expected that Joseph Morgan (Klaus Mikaelson), Daniel Gillies (Elijah), Phoebe Tonkin (Hayley) and Charles Michael Davis (Marcel). Will be around of the second season watch them.

Hayley Need a Help – Second season we will see how Hayley will handle himself after she transform to a Hybrid, she need some of the assistant someone just to chain himself just not to harm everyone, Hayley character will begun interesting but we will see she will be more emotional but inside that she don’t want anyone around her that will see like a crying Hybrid. According to Joseph Morgan his co-stars have a fresh idea which ““I believe we’ll all set our names into a bowl,” Davis says, to which Gillies adds, “I assume Hayley has a educated hamster that draws the names for us.” (In short something strange will happen this time, better not to miss it!)

Goodbye Sweet Baby Hope – I surely know you are one of those people crying when Klaus have a moment with his daughter, where Klaus was begun father that he get one of the brilliant idea just keep the baby safe in that plan to take care surely was his only sister Auntie Rebekah. I know you are thinking is Hope will be appearing this season 2, yes! She will appear because this baby will not forget just like that, for Tonkin said that “We definitely talk about her in the first three episodes. We don’t just pretend she never happened.” FYI! Joseph in the rest of the cast had a relief that they will have not to take the baby, OHhhh! What a baby lover all of them….

Elijah and Klaus Bonding Moment – Unlike in Season 1 we witnessed these two Originals are fighting, staking in the heart, arguing and etc… In Season 2 we will witness a good atmosphere in the air with these gentlemen of New Orleans. “That finale was on the whole an end of the world, nevertheless I believe we’re a modest more bonded than we’ve ever been,” Gillies says, but Joseph added “It may be a bit uncomfortable, on other than there’s an alliance. Without doubt, by the end, we all developed a common goal.” I’m excited this season to see Klaus and Elijah will have a happy moment like in season 1.

Parents are in Charge – This rear but guest what Elijah and Klaus will team up just to stop their father Mikael and mother Esther for this parent will have an objective kill all of their children. “They’re not very pleased with us,” Morgan says of Klaus and Elijah’s parents. “We’re accountable for killing together of them, so I see in your mind's eye they’ll be looking for REVENGE”.

Any thought who new character will add in Season? If you have an idea just comment at below to have a small discussion. Don’t miss The Originals Season 2 Episodes.
To all Game of Thrones fans we will not seeing this show for one week for some reason, in because of that I will gave some spoiler that what will happen in Episode 8 - The Mountain and the Vipers. Where this episode we will see the champion of Tyrion and Cersie will fight to death and Tyrion verdict to the judgment. Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 8 will be due on June 1 only at watchseriesonline.sx.

Admonition Alert this article will consist of Spoiler so if you don’t want to spoil your better close this if it’s too late.

GOT lunched the episode 8 promo the length of the video is 36 seconds opening when Ramsay whispering to Theon just reminding him reason why we are here and pretend you are Theon Greyjoy. Were Reek and Theon go there for some reason he wanted to destroy the Moat Cailin, which this place was a collection of towers of ruined located on the neck, where if you are familiar in the map this place is also part of the north ruled by The House of Stark. In not only Ramsay go there he just wanted to prove himself to his father that he was worthy to be part of Bolton his father house.

On the other hand Mance Rayder with his soldier are moving forward to Mole Town, nearby of castle Black, at the same time as Jon Snow anxious by the Wildings will hit the night watch.

I am anticipated to the battle of the Mountain and the Vampire which was Ser Gregor and Price Obreyn and hoping that price Oberyn will won this fight because the fate of Tyrion was really of his hand and I don’t want to see Tyrion will died. But if Oberyn will lose the fight I think Tywin will not kill Tyrion fro Jaime and him agree that Tyrion will throw in the castle black as one of the night watch.

I’m afraid to say one of the hit series of HBO will say goodbye, because this is the final season of True Blood Season 7 Episodes Online. According to the president HBO Programming officially the episode consist only of ten episodes that will lunch out on June 22, 2014 only at watchseries1.eu.

This season will focus towards the human and vampire whether you like it or not! Good news the final period further time with the originals cast in Bon Temps to a certain extent than thinning out out interested in various story outline and settings. But in other side a complicated love relationship like three and four ways as the vampire starting feeding the human. Just remember this word “meant for every human a vampire; designed for every vampire a human.”

After the bad news let’s go to the good news, coz all fans of out sizzling Alcide will be regular in this season but don’t expect we will see more werewolf this moment what happen to the newly-shorn from packmaster forsaken his buddy. In guest what Alcide father will be around but not regular he will be appear as a guest character this time. In not no more than that its revealed sarahnewlin's maiden name was ‘Crabtree’.

I know you are asking you self why now this final season vampire’s will feeding the human, because the vampires are getting weaker and weaker by the day are passing which that is the reason why the vampire are no option but feed the human blood that they will be exist in this world, in also that means many life will loss.
The next one is this season I know you are disappointing the season only 10 episodes but on the bright side you will see familiar faces and also your favorite character will be pup up.

I know this is so many spoilers, back in the business; it’s just mix emotion right now for I am excited and also sad for this is the last season of True Blood. HBO released the fresh True Blood Season7 poster-‘Goodbyes Suck’.

I just provide the poster at below just click it to have a higher solution of the picture. Enjoy!

They are back in action Teen Wolf Season 4 will be back this June 23, 2014 (Monday), in because we are getting close to the airing date here are the Official Cast Photos for Teen Wolf Season 4 Episodes. This new season we will expecting bloodier and also new character that will appear, ad a new guy I think he will be sort interesting and play for the reason that for the most part there isn't sufficient time for most cast members to be on screen as it is.

I know you are familiar of this characters but I just want to get yawning know each of them…

Stiles Stilinski (Sidekick/Best Friend/Nogitsune-Free) – Stiles was one of the major character in Teen wolf he is model of best friend which he stumble upon some of the werewolf and everything involves Supernatural, in fact in last season he was used by an evil nogitsume, we saw the dark side of him. But keep calm he was free of that nogitsume. In now Season 4 he will be around in the corner and looking forward that Malia and Stiles will have a romance again, better not to miss this one.

Derek Hale (former Alpha Werewolf) – Derek hale born into a werewolves originally which his mother name is Talia a well-known werewolf community. At first he was cold bloodied men but when the season goes on it happen and realize it’s better to be a good one. In also he had a sister name Cora thinking she’s died but’s not. The reason why he was a former Alpha because he lost it and his eye begun to start a red black and blue (which means an original birth eye of a werewolves). He’s in he will still in Beacon hills trying to be a big bro to Scoot for he known what the Alpha wants.

Lydia Martin (Beautiful Genius/Banshee) – At first Lydia was an obnoxious nevertheless but sophisticated as her act. In guest one this lady possess a genius level of IQ, is well versed in chemistry and understands both traditional and archaic Latin. She also a fashionable lady and well-known in beacon Hills High School, that is the reason why she put her ability in just to remain her social status. Lydia has been shown to be manipulative with her friends, using them when it suits her ambitions. Not only that she also possess the ability of a banshee will change her world but then again so far she's expressed a preparedness to use her supremacies to aid people and her friends around him.

Scott McCall ("Original Alpha" Werewolf) – He was an average teenager but his life change after Peter Hale bit him and become a werewolf. Scoot just a normal ability on comes of his athletic skill and not only that he had a asthma for he get already at his bag the inhaler just to take his breath. In it become after the bit of a werewolf transformation all was change in tuned up into a super athlete and as well his asthma was gone. Scott lives with his mother Melissa McCall a nurse at the Beacon Hills Hospital. Scott's Dad is a field agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He recently returned to Beacon Hills. In this season 4 we will expecting he will still the super hero for he will protect his family and friend no matter what happen even his life will be in danger.

Malia Tate (Werecoyote) – Malia was peter Hale lost daughter which she also the reason why her mother and little sister died after living fully transformed (lost in eight years). In Season 3 Scoot and Stiles discover Malia’s story assisting Sheriff Stilinski just to investagate the accident that killed his mother and sister. In Season 4 expect we will see her in Beacon Hill coz she enroll and maybe she will be Lydia best friend as what I saw in the finale.

Kira Yukimura (The Thunder Kitsune) – She will be regular in Season of Teen Wolf Kira is a student in addition the daughter of Beacon Hills High School's new History teacher. She is unacquainted of her true nature until her supernatural capabilities are forced to noticeable by an attack. Season 4 more scene with Scott.

Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) – New in Beacon Hills in matter of fact he was described as “cocky and attractive freshman with the ability of competence.” Not only was that he a perfect like a perfect grades. In additional he also appeared some of the TV series like Sprayberry has had several small roles on Fox's “Glee,” “Tracey Ullman's State of the Union,” and Nickelodeon's “iCarly.”

Teen Wolf Season 4 will have a twelve episode which was renewed last year on October 12, 2013, which will be airing on June 23, 2014. But sad to say we will not seeing around Crystal Reed and Daniel Sharman, that we witness a dramatic ending of Allison life and also Isaac will be busy regarding Allison death. But someone will return in the grave and that was Jill Wagner (Kate Argent) definite on Wolf Watch that she will be appearing further this season after her character prepared a bombshell appearance in the season 3 finale.

In yea there will be added character this season in they are Meagan Tandy playing as Braeden which I know you are familiar with her for she appeared in two episode of Season 3. Dylan Sprayberry as Liam with Khylin Rambo playing as Mason an out-and-proud athlete” and Mason Dye as his best friend Garrett. Great news Malia (Shelley Hennig) and Yira Yukimura (Arden Cho) will  be regulars in this season, both of them will be more lend a hand to Scooot friend for they will facing more dangerous thing in their life. FYI! The first episode entitled “The Dark Moon”.

I am thinking now she might be called the shewolf but she was like half wolf and half leopard, I am getting crazy about this who will be the “Shewolf” is she will be foe or a comrade?

Earlier in the morning I was surprised seeing that MTV released latest or it may called (or should we say unearthed?) the first ever promotional video of Teen Wolf Season 4 where it focus on Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and Derek all intensifying from the earth to get ready for battle.

In Season 4 we will expect worse and worse thing will happening in Beacon Hills, for the reason is they called a person “The Benefactor” thrown into a muddle up. Now I am expecting second video will be released to give us clear what happen in season 4.

Check it out Teen Wolf Season 4 Official Promo Video “Unearths.” (At below)
Here’s the official series guide for the upcoming tv shows that landed in fall!

I am providing the calendar thanks to spoilersguide for reminded what your favorite series will air. Which it also easy to track down individual networks during their premiere air programs.
New and returning series not mentioned below (Hart of Dixie, The Mentalist, Parks and Rec. et al) are slated to air during midseason.

We’ll…We’ll… our hottie Enzo will become regular in the show, how wonderful news is that to all diehard fans of Enzo in The Vampire Diaries Season 6.

We all known and thought Enzo will be stay as the ghost, thanks to Bonnie where she sacrifice himself but his buddy Damon trap in the other side. Anyhow he was not only returning as vampire again but he will be regular, and what will be his purpose and added in the show.

According to Julie Plec he teased us that our ghastly boy is back in season 6. We will expected he will be Enzo as Enzo as what we known about him like a usual villainous as himself, for if you still remember after he learn that his friend Damon killed his only love of his life he decided to switch off his humanity.

Lorenzo will become as always a loner that he don’t want friend or anything humanity will life him up! The interesting of Enzo character is amusing, on the other than he doesn’t necessitate any friends around. In not only that we will look forward he will be as always a appetizing, devilish constantly.

In yea all the fans of Matt Davis as Alaric Saltzman he will returning in the series also that he will be a vampire that experience his first hunger of blood and hoping he will alright.

This will be great there will be two handsome men in Mystic Falls around that Plec said that “I sort of feel like in Season 9, if it’s Enzo and Alaric, we just spin them off into their be the owner of show. I think life would be pretty good.”

Better to check it our more spoiler regarding of The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Spoilers… I am looking forward this two men will have a bromance which Damon is not around this time.

Here's Enzo moments in Season 6 (gif) Hope you will enjoy!
Finally Hottie historian is finally back! We miss him so much. I am getting excited to witness the Season six of The Vampire Diaries. So, Matt Davis is returning in the series.

Matt re-presented his role one again as Alaric J. Saltzman appearing in the finale episode of season 5, I saw Alaric as a ghost with Elena seeing his body was toasted after they suicide plan with Damon just kill off all the Travelers in Mystic Falls. When I saw him I shouted like no tomorrow and he also appeared when Damon get up and saw Carol trap in the wall thanks to the hot historian he assist Damon to get Carol in safe place.

Thanks to the successful spell what Liv perform, where Silas help them in strange way with Bonnie where she was the anchor capable to bring back his friends it happen that Damon and Alaric saw Bonnie that they will wanted to pass through, Bonnie grab Alaric which ,means he was bring back in the real world. In because Damon was last and Aaron cannot take it anymore his sister struggling to the spell, Aaron interrupt the spell and that is the reason why Damon cannot pass through that he trap with Bonnie.

I know you are excited to see him more… but to those newbie of this show Alaric appeared several episode in TVD that he was first a history teacher, then a vampire hunter, a town council member, Elena and Jeremy's caretaker, and then as one of Damon's few good friends. Alaric die in Season 3 finale where Ester controlling his body as ultimate weapon to kill the originals and not only that he also appearing as a ghost some of the episodes. But this is it we will see him in flesh and also regular in the show. If you doesn't see Alaric died in Season here The Vampire Diaries Episodes Online.

I am hoping that if he come back as regular he will me a vampire because he died as a vampire after make him and this is awesome if he will be Originals vampire but not on the dark side because I am happy if he will be is the good side protecting Elena, Jeremy and his friends in Mystic Falls.

What can you say that Matt Davis will back as Regular in the show, are happy?

My Reactiom when i learn Alaric is back!...

It was a cliffhanger what happen, what the heck is that, are his was ok, are she will come back, what will happen to her? I have many questions that I know s epic finale episode of Arrow Season 2.

I know you are anticipated what will happen in the next season, where will are wondering why Amanda took Oliver Queen in the island. In who will be the person the Arrow will pain in the ass.

Anyhow! Here is the Arrow Season 3 Official Synopsis Revealed! [check it out at below]
“After a violent shipwreck, billionaire playboy Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) was missing and acknowledged dead for five years before being discovered alive on a remote island in the Pacific. He returned home to Starling City, bent on righting the wrongs of his family and fighting injustice. To do this, he creates the persona of the Arrow and allies himself with former military man John Diggle (David Ramsey), computer-science expert Felicity Smoak (Emily BettRickards), street brawler Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) and international assassin Sara Lance (CaityLotz), at the same time as keeping his secret from those closest to him including his sister Thea (Willa Holland), who has allied herself with his most deadly enemy. 
Rivalries and allegiances will shift as Oliver faces his most difficult challenge yet. Based on characters appearing in comic books and graphic novels published by DC Entertainment, ARROW is from Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television, with executive producers Greg Berlanti (“Green Lantern,” “Brothers & Sisters”), Marc Guggenheim (“Eli Stone,” “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters”), Andrew Kreisberg (“Warehouse 13,” “The Vampire Diaries”) and Sarah Schechter.”
Source: CW

This is so a large amount of spoilers right? So you have a reason not that to stay tuned for more updates and information what will happen in Season 3 of Arrow and what a large production…
Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) appeared in the finale episode of Season “Arrow,” as the Dark Archer arrives when Slade’s army are make move in the starling city, where thanks to him he save Thea Queen killed one of the mask man and guest what he revealed himself in front of Thea. She was surprised and stunt what she witness that the Dark Archer was his father, she running in the subway but Malcolm was persevere to follow him, that his only intention is to keep safe his only daughter. Arrow Season 3 will be back this year at fall better to catch up some updated news.

Malcolm persuade her to be with him, Thea replied to him she want nothing to with him. When Thea was irritating to Malcolm she trigger the gun shooting to Malcolm, he said to Thea he knows what feeling you experience right now where I endure that thing like what happen to Rebecca and Tommy’s death like yours you loss Moira and Robert. Thea fires two shots in his direction, lodging a bullet in his kevlar vest. Leaving him very copious alive.

After Thea leaves Malcolm in the subway to go Roy house, it happen that Malcolm exposed to Thea that Roy was also like Oliver and Moira a “liar”. In addition he will be there if you need me the most. Later on, Thea finds Roy identity as the Arrow sidekick, which is the reason why he back to his father and leave the starling city.

This surprise! Because Barrowman will be regular in the shows of Arrow Season 3… Better not to miss Arrow Season 3 for their will be a new flashback what happen to Oliver after he woke up with Amanda introduce himself, and also what will happen to Thea is he will be villain?

Here’s the tweet of Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen) check it out at below:

Here the blast of the New Spoiler of Arrow where what happen in the Season 2 Finale and not only that they have a slight spoiler what we will expecting in the Arrow Season 3.

Nyssa is Back, Heir to the Damon! Sara was glad that she get some of the member of the League of Assassin’s… “It’s by far the coolest scene we’ve ever shot on the show,” According to Marc Guggenheim additional added “I love the visual of the Arrow standing alongside several dark archers in the Season 2 finale when Season 1′s finale was Oliver versus the Dark Archer.” We’ll to those fans who miss The Arrow Season Finale check it out the link that I provide. On the other hand I just learn that Sara will out in Starling City for she had a condition to the League of Assassins to help the city with the Arrow.

Oliver’s Women in danger, for I was crying when I saw Felicity was been kidnapped with laurel, the Arrow meet him to exchange something which his life, but nevertheless I love this see, for I know later on that Oliver and Felicity are just acting in the first place, where they both in the mansion house, that sort of flashback appeared that Oliver discover that Slade putting some micro camera around in the house. That I love the scene when the Arrow said to Wilson that you don’t have any idea what going in front of you that ,you will be destroy. As for if one of them will die, Marc revealed “There is one character who we will not be seeing at the start of Season 3.”

Another Enemy detective “Amanda Waller” – This best shot for Diggle because Oliver was relaying to Diggle, which to throw-off Suicide Squad member Deadshot as he and Lyla wanted to stop Waller for the destruction of Starling City. Guggenheim told “We’ll learn more about Oliver and Waller’s association. As well, there’s a fairly big development for Diggle in the finale that will set up his story for next year”.

Thea turns to Roy Harper – I just love the scene also when Oliver gives a red mask to Roy that he was heading officially a hero in the house, but Thea learn that once again Roy was lying to him, where his father said at first. Guggenheim also teases bigger plans for Thea, “It’s something that we spent the entire season building up to,” he says. “Whether you know it or not, this is the completion of Thea’s season-long journey.”

A Surprised Flashback!... I just laughing when Slade was in prison but guest what he was not in the normal cell but guest what, he was in full security where located in the island. Anyhow when Facility ask Oliver I don’t see you flying the plane? Flashback! Amell says. “Typically on the show, we have set flashback pieces, but our entire fourth and fifth act of the finale seamlessly inter cut between the past and the present, [featuring] two moments between Slade and Oliver: the formative moment and the culmination of our battle in the present. It’s really something.”

Will the Arrow go back as a Killer, again?... “He needs to go to lengths in the finale that he’s never gone to before; unthinkable lengths, pun intended, but that doesn't necessarily mean killing.” said Amell.
On October 29, 2014 AMC officially announced that they will have another Season of The Walking Dead. Where the Season 4 show runner which was Scott Gimple will still executive producer. Better to watch more information regarding spoiler, news and etc.. Only here!

We are aware that the casting call with Rick and his group are heading towards to Washington, D.C at the beginning of the Season.

Even though at this time only recurring guest stars for Season 4, Christian Serratos as Rosita Espinosa, Alanna Masterson as Tara Chambler, Michael Cudlitz as Abraham Ford, Josh McDermitt as Eugene Porter, and Andrew J. West as Gareth have their contracts with an alternative to be promoted to series regulars for Season 5.

As I promised AMC released the fresh look photos of the upcoming Season 5 of the Walking Dead! Where the images focus on Andrew Lincoln (Rick) who sneaking something outside where we last saw him in the Terminus trap in the container. I can say that Rick was looking intense.

On a lighter note: Rick peeping out from that trailer "Y'all still here? We have got a lot of stuff and things to show you guys. Get ready for October."

Check it out the promotional Photos at below and if you wanted to ask more question regarding about Season 5, just comment at below to have short discussion.

Eagerly waiting for the badass Rick!