Another New Villain Enter in Starling City - The Clock King Appeared in Season 2

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An additional villain entered in Starling City that will appeared in this Season 2 of Arrow, for this is official announce but the question is who gonna played this character as The Clock King?

FYI! The Clock King also known as “William Tockman”, Clock King spent a large portion of his life just taking care of his void sister, in when he visit the doctor in the hospital an shocking news that he never imagine which was her sister will live only in six months to live. Because he wanted to save his sister live, he watched the clock in the local bank’s vault for he wanted to rob it, hoping that money he will get can provide his sister added more days. His caper would have gone successfully, had he not tripped a silent alarm and been caught by the Green Arrow.

The casting notice is looking for an actor in his age of 40? – 50?s to play this villain character. The character was described the person who was mastermind with “the mind of a chess grand-master, and can envision all the interlocking pieces of Starling City and adjust them in favor of his crimes.”

To all Arrow fans what can you suggest will played as The Clock King in Arrow Season 2?

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