True Blood Season 6 Episode 4 “At Last” Guide and Promo

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Hey true blood fans did you watch the previous episode of true blood? I’m sure you just did and have an amazing Sunday night. Burrell’s are really hate vampire’s that is why Eric takes her daughter Willa Burrell to find more information about her father and sooner she is the key that Eric will be using against Burrell. Eric take Willa to the fangtasia into Pam and Tara and later they went to Gingers house.

In the other hand Sookie, Jason and Niall are inside their house and another trouble just come out outside their house Warlow. Wrlow is always after with Sookie and Niall and Sookie just understands why Warlow is up with them Sookie asks Niall why Warlow wants her since shes barely a halfling. Niall tells her it is because of the simple fact that her blood is royal and leaves it at that before leaving.

Sam and Lafayette wake up in Sam's trailer to find Nicole and her boyfriend and co-founder of V.S(Vampire Unity Society) Jessie. They tell them they watched them get beat up and just helped them inside. Jessie and Nicole talk about the wolves and Layfayette tells them if they know whats good for them they should just pretend ever hearing the word werewolf. Nicole and Jessie say they are going to leave but before they do Nicole offers to help Sam with getting Emma back. Sam begins getting ready and Layfayette asks Sam if he needs help and Sam says thanks but no thanks,when Layfayette says plainly that Sam has helped him far too many times for him to just leave him.
We have seen that Bill is standing at the porch waiting for the sunrise but Jessica is still not convinced for Bill that he can walked into the light. Jessica goes inside and Bill started to walk as the sun slowly rises but it is a big mistakes to be and he went into fire and her go back inside the house and Jessica tries to put out the fire and Bill shocks and cries in pain and confusions in Jessica’s arm.

Rikki runs into Martha's house to tell her, Alcide, who have Emma that the cops have shone up. Emma refuses to shift as the cops question Rikki and Alcide after demanding to see Martha. Martha leaves Rikki with Emma and distracts the cops while Rikki scares Emma into shifting. Because of the latest politics against vampires there are new rules for not needing warrants to search houses. The cops search and see Rikki in the house with a wolf puppy on the bed and decide there is no reason to stay for now. They leave and Rikki freaks out about the trouble that has been brought to this pack from taking Emma but realizes she has no say since Alcide is the packmaster and says that she stays.

Ginger stupidly answers Eric's cellphone. She wakes up Eric and Willa as Pam and Tara enter the bedroom and Eric angirly takes the phone and leaves Willa with Tara. Eric tells Burrell that he is going to kill Willa and he doesn't get to say goodbye when Burrell traces the call. Eric hangs up knowing Burrell is coming for them and finds the bedroom empty. Pam flies out the window after Tara and Eric glamour’s Ginger to stay on the phone and know nothing when the governor arrives.
Bill goes to Sookies house just to talk with her but still they turn out into an argument with each other and Sookie is obviously avoiding Bill. Bill is walking when a cop car pulls up and it ends up being Andy. He tells Bill that he doesn't believe in this stupid anti vampire mess but he is just doing his job and Bill is out after curfew. Bill apologizes and says he was just visiting Sookie when he smells a faerie and realizes its coming from a toy in Andy's squad car. Bill questions Andy about the stuffed toy when Andy reveals to Bill that he has had kids. Bill smiles and tells Andy he is heading straight home and walks away with a plan brewing.

In the next episode of true blood season 6 episode 4 “At Last” Sookie will be confronting her growing attraction to the mysterious Ben which is also a fellow faire. Eric might be in trouble and having the encounter with Burrell’s brutal anti-vampire initiatives hitting their nemesis where it hurts the most. Growing up all too quickly, Andy’s faerie daughters end up keeping dangerous company. Sam and Nicole make a connection. Bill tasks Takahashi to synthesize a new kind of blood.

Check out below the promo of upcoming true blood season 6 episode 4:

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