Exclusive- The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere Title Unveil Time Jump; In Addition: New Poster!

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Once again zombie apocalypse will be at the tv screen again for The Walking Season 4 premiere that have already been revealed! The episode confined by new showrunner Scott M. Gimple will be known as “30 Days Without an Accident”.

Now Rick and his group that they also need a break? Now the questioned is what is the meaning of the information talking about? Just check it out irredeemable events who TV Line theorized (at below):

  •  The show will skip ahead at least one month following the events of the Season 3 finale.  
  •  Rick’s controversial decision to relocate the denizens of Woodbury to the prison is paying off on the safety front (i.e. 30 days without a zombie attack). It’s also creating a potentially deadly false sense of security.  
  • Rick’s screws are starting to tighten (i.e. 30 days without seeing dead people). The gang stumbles on a potential new home base, where the current residents are tracking the number of days since the last attack on a chalk board.

I know you are still don’t had any idea of what the mystery of the title that if you don’t had any idea I assured to you that the problem will solved this October 2013 when The Walking Dead that will back in Season 4 only at AMC. In if you had any theories and speculation what is the meaning about the episode titled, just comment at below about the meaning of “30 Days Without an Accident.” In before this articles ended I would like you to be happy that is the reason that of you gonna scroll down you will see the fresh Season 4 banner art, slated to be unveiled later this month at Comic-Con.

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