Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Roundup a New Detective Strengthen Liars to Link in Wilden’s Death

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The Liars are the primary suspect in Wildens’ death one big question is circulating for now do they or they are not. As the investigation is go on in case a new guest star will appear this coming Tuesday night for pretty little liars season 4 episode 4 “Face Time” Lt. Linda Tanner, she is a detective and Holbrooks partner that will strengthen the investigation about the liars and their connection to Wilden’s death. The detective will ask the liars some hard questions about the latest casualty of the Rosewood. Would the liars tell the truth or are they really have the connection in Wilden’s death because Hanna, Emily and Aria only found the car of Wilden and not her body itself.

Since A are starting her plan in making a one step ahead in the liars the first in the list is Emily. If you have seen in the previous episode of the series in almost in the finale the woman in black hood is putting up Emily’s X-ray result in the wall. A surprise appearance also of her mother just happen and in the upcoming episode Emily will panic when her both parents is under A’s manipulations.

Hanna is in a deep problem right now because she and her mother are connected into Wilden’s death. Calep tries to look for Mr. Marin and tell the real score about her wife and daughter about Wilden’s death. Caleb are still trying to help Hanna in the crises that she have but Hanna bristles and makes her focus in WIldens Death investigation.

Toby is continuing in searching the truth about her mother’s death in Radley. In the previous episode Toby told to Spencer about what happen her mother and they decided to go back to Radley to find other information about her mother’s death if she really jump in the window in that night. In this episode Toby will find new information into his mother’s death but it takes him to more questions.

Is Aria finally moving on with Ezra? Well maybe with the new boy in the town that she fling on her former instructor Jake. Meanwhile, Spencer have a new issue to be handle on with Melissa as she back in the town of Rosewood. In the previous episode Hanna just saw Melissa drop by in the police station, so what is the creepy thing she is doing their and Hanna also found mask just like Melissa’s face in the house of the mask maker that lead Spencer to think more questions and urge her to lays a trap for Melissa to know if Melissa is really working with “A”.

Do the liars have the connection in killing the cop named WIlden or this another a trap for the liars catch up new episode this coming Tuesday night only at ABC Family.

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