Official Cast Photos for Teen Wolf Season 4 Exposed

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They are back in action Teen Wolf Season 4 will be back this June 23, 2014 (Monday), in because we are getting close to the airing date here are the Official Cast Photos for Teen Wolf Season 4 Episodes. This new season we will expecting bloodier and also new character that will appear, ad a new guy I think he will be sort interesting and play for the reason that for the most part there isn't sufficient time for most cast members to be on screen as it is.

I know you are familiar of this characters but I just want to get yawning know each of them…

Stiles Stilinski (Sidekick/Best Friend/Nogitsune-Free) – Stiles was one of the major character in Teen wolf he is model of best friend which he stumble upon some of the werewolf and everything involves Supernatural, in fact in last season he was used by an evil nogitsume, we saw the dark side of him. But keep calm he was free of that nogitsume. In now Season 4 he will be around in the corner and looking forward that Malia and Stiles will have a romance again, better not to miss this one.

Derek Hale (former Alpha Werewolf) – Derek hale born into a werewolves originally which his mother name is Talia a well-known werewolf community. At first he was cold bloodied men but when the season goes on it happen and realize it’s better to be a good one. In also he had a sister name Cora thinking she’s died but’s not. The reason why he was a former Alpha because he lost it and his eye begun to start a red black and blue (which means an original birth eye of a werewolves). He’s in he will still in Beacon hills trying to be a big bro to Scoot for he known what the Alpha wants.

Lydia Martin (Beautiful Genius/Banshee) – At first Lydia was an obnoxious nevertheless but sophisticated as her act. In guest one this lady possess a genius level of IQ, is well versed in chemistry and understands both traditional and archaic Latin. She also a fashionable lady and well-known in beacon Hills High School, that is the reason why she put her ability in just to remain her social status. Lydia has been shown to be manipulative with her friends, using them when it suits her ambitions. Not only that she also possess the ability of a banshee will change her world but then again so far she's expressed a preparedness to use her supremacies to aid people and her friends around him.

Scott McCall ("Original Alpha" Werewolf) – He was an average teenager but his life change after Peter Hale bit him and become a werewolf. Scoot just a normal ability on comes of his athletic skill and not only that he had a asthma for he get already at his bag the inhaler just to take his breath. In it become after the bit of a werewolf transformation all was change in tuned up into a super athlete and as well his asthma was gone. Scott lives with his mother Melissa McCall a nurse at the Beacon Hills Hospital. Scott's Dad is a field agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He recently returned to Beacon Hills. In this season 4 we will expecting he will still the super hero for he will protect his family and friend no matter what happen even his life will be in danger.

Malia Tate (Werecoyote) – Malia was peter Hale lost daughter which she also the reason why her mother and little sister died after living fully transformed (lost in eight years). In Season 3 Scoot and Stiles discover Malia’s story assisting Sheriff Stilinski just to investagate the accident that killed his mother and sister. In Season 4 expect we will see her in Beacon Hill coz she enroll and maybe she will be Lydia best friend as what I saw in the finale.

Kira Yukimura (The Thunder Kitsune) – She will be regular in Season of Teen Wolf Kira is a student in addition the daughter of Beacon Hills High School's new History teacher. She is unacquainted of her true nature until her supernatural capabilities are forced to noticeable by an attack. Season 4 more scene with Scott.

Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) – New in Beacon Hills in matter of fact he was described as “cocky and attractive freshman with the ability of competence.” Not only was that he a perfect like a perfect grades. In additional he also appeared some of the TV series like Sprayberry has had several small roles on Fox's “Glee,” “Tracey Ullman's State of the Union,” and Nickelodeon's “iCarly.”

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