Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 6 “Motel California” Promo and Synopsis

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“Don’t stop them, Lead them…” Dr. Deaton told Scott that instead of stopping his friends from getting even with the rival pack, why not lead them to the right path that could get them into winning against the alpha pack. Get to check out Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 6 here on telepisodes.com to view the full episodes.

In the previous episode of Teen Wolf, “Frayed” Scott and other we’re supposed to be going to a meet just after what to Derek. Scott blames himself to what happen to Derek; he thinks it was his fault of why Derek and Ennis fell and that cause for his wound not to heal in time. So, Stiles decided to do something about it and call Lydia and Allison asking for their help. Later on Stiles manages to get Scott out of the bus and to do something about his wound.
Lydia thinks that because Scott blames himself to what happen to Derek, she guess that it maybe psychological and it’s all in his head that’s why it wouldn’t heal. So, they decided to stitch him up for him to think that he’s already healing.

With Scott, worrying and the thought that Derek is already dead yet it seems that he’d able to stand and ask for the help of Jennifer.

Here’s the episode Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 6 Promo video this coming July 8, 2013;

Here is the official synopsis of Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 6 “Motel California”, Stranded at a motel for the night because of the postponed cross country meet, Scott and the others suffer strange experiences that cause them to believe members of their own group may the mysterious killer’s newest targets.

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