Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 5 “Gamma Zeta Die” Synopsis, Promo and Sneak Peeks

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The mystery is getting more intense in pretty little liars episodes every week. Well, liar fans all the questions that you are asking for is being answered in the right away previous episode of the series. So here we are Melissa is back again in the town and I don’t get it where she up to be with her little sister Spencer. She says that she is in so many places but in the wrong time and the rivalry with her baby sister is getting intense and the only contributing bullying. I really don’t know if Mellisa is against with the liars. Toby is still searching for the things with the connection in the death of her mother in the Radley.

Emily in this episPretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 5ode is being pushed to the limit her father just come for the family service. We all know that Emily is having the hard time with her family and it might be Emily’s fault because of being a terrible liar to be. She already comes off like a victim of abuse, a meek girl who's squirrely about the details of her life and who makes grossly unbelievable excuses for the evidence that she's still being bullied, both in content and delivery. Then she does things like running out of the house and creating a scene on her front lawn so the whole neighborhood can jump to their own conclusions. Gossipy town that Rosewood is, of course its residents would leap to the "Emily is totes abused" part of their mat. When Emily is trying to explain the doctor in what happen in her shoulder she might already tell the truth but she is thinking with her friends. So what could be the cause of telling that you just help your friend from the coming car and pushed hew and you fall into a stone. Does it make any sense? Right?

Hanna is just having in the problem right know but Caleb is trying to help out for the problem that she has but she is just focusing for the investigation of Wilden’s death. A new detective is in the town Lt. Tanner asking leading questions in the same way Wilden liked to, but in an actual investigative way instead of being the creepiest creep who ever creeped. Ray Finkle seems to be just as pleasant as Detective Nice Guy, judging from her conversation with Hanna on the bench, and the focus of their investigation doesn't necessarily seem to be that these girls are guilty (even if they dress a little slutaciously), but that bodies keep piling up around them. Which is true? And, to be fair, slightly suspicious. We all know that Ashley didn’t kill Wilden but she is just too guilty or maybe she is hiding a secret to be. 

My favorite part of the evening was the resurrection of crime-fighting duo Sparia as they concocted the greatest scheme of the season to figure out what's going on: letting Melissa find the mask and lead them to where they knew she'd go upon seeing it. Spencer's narration of Melissa's thoughts was priceless and, if A was spying on Sparia spying on Melissa, I'm pretty sure that's grounds for recommittal to Radley. Spencer is getting crazier and crazier in an interesting way, if not in a cheer-worthy way like she was last season. From the snack-food blocking of the events at Torch Lake to her wily entrance to Arkham after Dark to her glee upon seeing that her plan to get Melissa to lead her back to the "scene of the crime" had worked masterfully.

Melissa is not the big enough revelation in this episode, even if we always suspected her to be too guilty to actually guilty. Melissa has been on the fringes of it for more than three seasons now, and you have to assume that, at some point, her perspective will help the Brain Trust figure some things out, like how deep the rabbit hole goes. So let's look forward to a gathering of minds when Spencer and Mona— hey, where the heck is Mona? The Hoodie fished out one of the masks and is gluing it back together. I don't know which person it is because none of the masks are at all recognizable to me, but I assume Melissa was breaking the masks of herself.

In the next episode of Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 5 “Gamma Zeta Die”, Emily and Spencer will leave the Rosewood for a moment and went to visit a nearby college but they have very different programs for their time invested on university. Spencer's unique concentrate in determining Ali's obvious relationship to the university opposes Emily's actual worries about her programs for after she graduate students. And after a painful strike by "A," Aria and her sibling Mike don't see eye to eye regarding what's best for their mother and father.

Meanwhile, Hanna becomes progressively rapid when she creates another horrible development among her mother’s factors, major her to create an anxious shift - with terrible outcomes.

Here is the look up in the upcoming episode:

Check out the upcoming episode sneak peeks:


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