Teen Wolf Season 3b Teaser: LOSE YOUR MIND!

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Hey, guys! The year of 2012 is getting end swiftly approaching, and soon I need a new calendar for the year of 2014. That I am freaking excited to watch again this show for I know and all the avid fans of Teen Wolf that you are enthusiastic on this season.

Approximately in 33 days to go start of Teen Wolf Season 3B, I can’t manage myself or control myself how MTV is really screaming up all the promotional machine that I saw earlier. With no reason, too. The first half of Season 3 where all about the well-executed adventurer and some flashback storytelling, all the fans have been prepared and waiting for the new series after the mid-season finale which was aired on the month of August.

The Season 3(a) story arc centers on The Alpha Pack's plans for Derek and Scott and a cagy killer which was (Darach) that used a shady druid ceremonial to murder numerous students, teachers, and others in including the parents also.
The Teen Wolf Season 3(b) story arc will feature Japanese mythology and will include a new shapeshifting creature, in this goanna be excitement pot of story.

In this series there will be no body crawling up out of morgue drawers and etc, but the only I saw in the teaser was so shocking where Stiles was full of blood looking in the mirror, Lydia who screaming reaching her arms for a help, Allison who holding a dead wolf and diffidently Scoot who just being Scott that he was caring about Stiles condition (#bestfriendforever). In if you noticed the reason why still not in the picture for if you still remember that in the mid-season finale where Cora and Derek took off in the Beacon Hills. Maybe in the finale season Derek will have a comeback in I am excited of course.

Anyhow, take a good look for the new teaser of teen Wolf. If you’re done watching it hit the comments to have a short discussion what would be happening in Stiles in Season 3(b). For the reason is this teaser was interesting and it look dreadfully disturbing. In fact I don’t like it.

"Teen Wolf Teaser Trailer: LOSE YOUR MIND"

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