The Walking Dead Season 4 Mid-Season Finale Hershel Greene & Philip Blake Die

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode which the title episode is “Too Far Gone” for this episode was the Mid-Season finale. FYI! The nest episode will be back in next year February 2014.

The reason why Hershel and Michonne was in hand of the Governor for when Michonne and Hershel are burning the walkers and after that the Governor ambushes that he knock off Michonne unconscious and forcing Hershel to surrender but at first Hershel will try to engage the battle but Hershel know he had no strength anymore. In when Rick insist what Governor said to leave the Governor for that scene where Rick trying to convince the Governor of everybody's capacity for humanity is one of the best scenes ever in the show. Governor get angry and he get Michonne katana and hold Hershel head and put the Katana and the throat. In when Rick wanted to convince everyone, Hershel smiled. The Governor hisses "liar" and proceeds to slice a massive gash in Hershel's neck. This leads to the beginning of a massive gunfight, as Maggie and Beth cry for their father. In that moment I was so shock to see Hershel was bleeding and he wanted to live that dreadfully wanted to a crawl in the succeeding gun battle, and when Governor saw Hershel catches up to him and completely decapitates him, repetitively slashing at his neck. Far along in the battle, the Governor is killed by Michonne.

I saw Maggie and Beth was so angry and we see the true Maggie saving Glenn from the burning prison and making sure Beth is alright.

In to those so angry to the Governor we are celebrate after when Philip chop the neck of Hershel he saw Lilly arrives with her daughter Meghan who earlier bitten by a walker. The Governor get Meghan and he constant silent and immediately shoot the little girl to prevent reanimation. In he’s order the people to throw done the fences of the prison and kill all people in the prison. As the Governor was hiding in the tank, he takes cover behind a bus and is attacked by Rick. In they had a fight scene that the Governor gains the upper hand. Ah he beat Rick up that I thought that moment Rick will be dead but thank God Michonne sneaks him behind and stab with her katana in the chest. She approaches him and leaves him for dead. Then, Lilly approaches a dying Governor and shoots him in the head, killing him. The Governor is killed with his own pistol.

What was your favorite scene in The Walking Dead "Too Far Gone"?

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