The New Found Love of Derek, Lydia and Danny

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Lately, we've meet the newest cast of Teen Wolf including the Alpha twins (Ethan and Aiden) and the new teacher of Beacon Hills. The twins were the member of the Alpha pack who entered the Beacon High School as transferring and their first appearance was on Season 3 Episode 1. While Ms. Blake first appeared in episode 2 where she started her class in front of the class where Stiles, Scott and others are in. For you to see Teen Wolf episodes you may visit with the complete episode from the previous seasons.

Lydia got interested to one of the twins when he saw them at the hallway of the school. Lydia makes the first move to introduce herself to Aiden while they’re in school library. Right there and then they started to mingle and to know each other, though at first Lydia didn't know that the twins were Alphas and they have very bad intention. I think this pair is kind a crazy since Lydia is an ally of Scott and Aiden is an ally of Deucalion, I wonder what will happen to them at the end of the season.

Meanwhile, Ethan meet Danny at the library at then became friends. From the recent episodes, we’ve seen the concern to Danny action towards Ethan, especially the time that they found Ethan outside of the classroom with a bleeding nose and with Isaac standing by. We also saw them so sweet at the bus while they’re in the road to lacrosse competition which is from the latest episode 5. OH MY GOD, this pair is kind a different yet it’s pretty sure that most viewer/fans love seeing this, especially on the upcoming Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 6: Motel California.

Anyway, here is the Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 6 preview episode where you can see everything that stated in this blog post;

So finally, Derek!!! He finally found someone special who could he love. Derek first met Ms. Blake at the boiler room of the school. This was the episode entitled “Fireflies”, they’re supposed to trap Cora and Boyd inside an empty room, but unfortunately the room was not empty at all. Because when they successfully force Cora and Boyd inside the boiler room, Scott later on found out that there is someone else inside, so then Derek decided to go inside and save her. And when the sun finally comes and Derek survives the attack from Cora and Boyd, he told Isaac and Scott to take Cora and Boyd; he’ll take care of the teacher which is Ms. Blake.

In Episode 4, Derek comes in to the school to see how Ms. Blake is doing and to tell her to not let anyone know about what happen at basement of the school; where Ms. Blake instantly agreed. That’s where they get to know each other’s name. Watching this scene sure makes the fans giggles because they really look good together, just that they’ll last.

Get to see Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 6 this coming July 8, 2013, “Frayed” here on with the full episodes where you can enjoy fully.

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