Dexter Spoilers: Dexters main characters teasing up for the final season A Blood Ending

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Two of the main character of the latest Showtime hit shows Dexter Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter are teasing up for Dexter Season 8 the final season of the show. The ending just starts and all the things are going back into the beginning with the latest character in the scene named Dr. Vogel she will discussing Dexter’s psychopath side. Dr. Vogel will take the revelations in all about Dexter way back from the beginning and how he evolved.
One of the major questions circulating “Is Dr. Vogel is a friend or an enemy”.
It is up to the viewer if they will love or hate her in the show. She is responsible in crating the Harry code’s code to put up in Dexter. At the first Dr. Vogel will be just like a mother to Dexter a spiritual mother to be but in Dexter’s minds she is just like to be Dr. Frankenstein. Dexter is now in the hard time since Deb is not in the right mind after the killing happened.

Sincere conversation to be with the Morgan siblings.
This is great to be the siblings will forgive each other after the 6 months. Meltdown ultimately led to showcasing the strained Dexter/Deb relationship.

Dr. Vogel will help the Morgan Siblings to reconcile with each other. This is could be great news to be if the two siblings will fix broken things about them talking it in the place with the authentic place and Dr. Vogel will be one to help out in facilitating in that matter.

Dexter will be human? Dr. Vogel have a doubt on it.
As Dexter’s notion of humanity grows, so does his belief that perhaps he may not actually be a psychopath but Dr. Vogel disagree with about it. She take advantage to Dexter and believing that he lost so much with his life that will make him loses her appetite in becoming to be a human.

What could we expect for the ending?
A bloody ending could be happen and there is blood everywhere could be. It could be so fantastic and the fans will be happy about it. Dexter will be less unruly but we must expect for the turns of the story to be happen.

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