Latest “True Blood” Season 7 Poster – ‘Goodbyes Suck’

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I’m afraid to say one of the hit series of HBO will say goodbye, because this is the final season of True Blood Season 7 Episodes Online. According to the president HBO Programming officially the episode consist only of ten episodes that will lunch out on June 22, 2014 only at

This season will focus towards the human and vampire whether you like it or not! Good news the final period further time with the originals cast in Bon Temps to a certain extent than thinning out out interested in various story outline and settings. But in other side a complicated love relationship like three and four ways as the vampire starting feeding the human. Just remember this word “meant for every human a vampire; designed for every vampire a human.”

After the bad news let’s go to the good news, coz all fans of out sizzling Alcide will be regular in this season but don’t expect we will see more werewolf this moment what happen to the newly-shorn from packmaster forsaken his buddy. In guest what Alcide father will be around but not regular he will be appear as a guest character this time. In not no more than that its revealed sarahnewlin's maiden name was ‘Crabtree’.

I know you are asking you self why now this final season vampire’s will feeding the human, because the vampires are getting weaker and weaker by the day are passing which that is the reason why the vampire are no option but feed the human blood that they will be exist in this world, in also that means many life will loss.
The next one is this season I know you are disappointing the season only 10 episodes but on the bright side you will see familiar faces and also your favorite character will be pup up.

I know this is so many spoilers, back in the business; it’s just mix emotion right now for I am excited and also sad for this is the last season of True Blood. HBO released the fresh True Blood Season7 poster-‘Goodbyes Suck’.

I just provide the poster at below just click it to have a higher solution of the picture. Enjoy!

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