Cool Spoiler for Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 8 Entitled The Mountain and the Vipers plus Tyrion Verdict! {VIDEO}

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To all Game of Thrones fans we will not seeing this show for one week for some reason, in because of that I will gave some spoiler that what will happen in Episode 8 - The Mountain and the Vipers. Where this episode we will see the champion of Tyrion and Cersie will fight to death and Tyrion verdict to the judgment. Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 8 will be due on June 1 only at

Admonition Alert this article will consist of Spoiler so if you don’t want to spoil your better close this if it’s too late.

GOT lunched the episode 8 promo the length of the video is 36 seconds opening when Ramsay whispering to Theon just reminding him reason why we are here and pretend you are Theon Greyjoy. Were Reek and Theon go there for some reason he wanted to destroy the Moat Cailin, which this place was a collection of towers of ruined located on the neck, where if you are familiar in the map this place is also part of the north ruled by The House of Stark. In not only Ramsay go there he just wanted to prove himself to his father that he was worthy to be part of Bolton his father house.

On the other hand Mance Rayder with his soldier are moving forward to Mole Town, nearby of castle Black, at the same time as Jon Snow anxious by the Wildings will hit the night watch.

I am anticipated to the battle of the Mountain and the Vampire which was Ser Gregor and Price Obreyn and hoping that price Oberyn will won this fight because the fate of Tyrion was really of his hand and I don’t want to see Tyrion will died. But if Oberyn will lose the fight I think Tywin will not kill Tyrion fro Jaime and him agree that Tyrion will throw in the castle black as one of the night watch.

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