Dexter Season 8 Episode 1 “A Beautiful Day” Promo plus Sneak Peeks

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Brace yourself! Did you miss the guy that loves to kill the bad guys? I’m sure you did just few days to go and finally the wait is over for Dexter Season 8 Episode 1 coming this end o f the month June 30, 2013 only on Showtime. As the story goes on season 7 is one of the revealing seasons for Dexter including her sister Deb in the middle of the scene in what thing that she need to do with her brother after she found out that he is a killer.

Dexter can’t focus in the killing that he made in the previous season through this one girl named Hanna and became one of the people that he lie in the table but turns out differently and Dexter finally give in his soft spotted heart to the girl that she love. Hannah is a killer also she kills his husband before and she is in the investigation and finally she is in the custody of the police but she is really good and get out in the hands of the cops and she will be back in Dexter Season 8 for more Dexter moments to be.

Deb having the hard time in the last season to take all the revelation that she found about her brother and controlling her emotions toward him but she remain quite for it and handle the things in order until a shocking finale makes its destiny to be in the side of her brother and not in justice leads to LaGuerta’s death.

In the season premiere of Dexter Season 8 entitled “A Beautiful Day”, After the six months of LaGuerta’s murder Dexter is still managing his life to be a dad in his son, brother to Deb and of course a serial killer. In the other hand Deb is struggling in the things that happen in her life especially in the actions that she have made. A new character we will meet in the upcoming episode premiere a mysterious woman that will be working in the Miami Metro Homicide and she will be giving some information’s about Dexter’s life in the part. Debra just made a crime for her brother Dexter what is the next thing will happen to her.

Here is the promo of Dexter Season 8 Episode 1:

Dexter Season 8 Episode 1 Sneak Peeks:
Sneak Peek 1:

Sneak Peek 2:

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