The Originals Season 2 Spoiler: Ester’s Retribution, New Ally, and Many More…

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In the finale scene of The Originals Season finale it appeared that two person are walking like drunk with a man tall to her, the lady was talking to the grave in gave  flower, shocking that grave was namely by “Ester,” where I presume that was Ester controlling another body with his loyal son Fin. Now I know the reason why Ester back for she want to kill all of his son and daughter with the new born baby Hope will be in danger also. Now this season 2 we will look forward a reunion of the Originals family. The Originals Season 2 will be landed in Fall Season.

Still we will expected that Joseph Morgan (Klaus Mikaelson), Daniel Gillies (Elijah), Phoebe Tonkin (Hayley) and Charles Michael Davis (Marcel). Will be around of the second season watch them.

Hayley Need a Help – Second season we will see how Hayley will handle himself after she transform to a Hybrid, she need some of the assistant someone just to chain himself just not to harm everyone, Hayley character will begun interesting but we will see she will be more emotional but inside that she don’t want anyone around her that will see like a crying Hybrid. According to Joseph Morgan his co-stars have a fresh idea which ““I believe we’ll all set our names into a bowl,” Davis says, to which Gillies adds, “I assume Hayley has a educated hamster that draws the names for us.” (In short something strange will happen this time, better not to miss it!)

Goodbye Sweet Baby Hope – I surely know you are one of those people crying when Klaus have a moment with his daughter, where Klaus was begun father that he get one of the brilliant idea just keep the baby safe in that plan to take care surely was his only sister Auntie Rebekah. I know you are thinking is Hope will be appearing this season 2, yes! She will appear because this baby will not forget just like that, for Tonkin said that “We definitely talk about her in the first three episodes. We don’t just pretend she never happened.” FYI! Joseph in the rest of the cast had a relief that they will have not to take the baby, OHhhh! What a baby lover all of them….

Elijah and Klaus Bonding Moment – Unlike in Season 1 we witnessed these two Originals are fighting, staking in the heart, arguing and etc… In Season 2 we will witness a good atmosphere in the air with these gentlemen of New Orleans. “That finale was on the whole an end of the world, nevertheless I believe we’re a modest more bonded than we’ve ever been,” Gillies says, but Joseph added “It may be a bit uncomfortable, on other than there’s an alliance. Without doubt, by the end, we all developed a common goal.” I’m excited this season to see Klaus and Elijah will have a happy moment like in season 1.

Parents are in Charge – This rear but guest what Elijah and Klaus will team up just to stop their father Mikael and mother Esther for this parent will have an objective kill all of their children. “They’re not very pleased with us,” Morgan says of Klaus and Elijah’s parents. “We’re accountable for killing together of them, so I see in your mind's eye they’ll be looking for REVENGE”.

Any thought who new character will add in Season? If you have an idea just comment at below to have a small discussion. Don’t miss The Originals Season 2 Episodes.

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