Sizzling Question and Answer of Arrow Season 3; Arrow New Enemy, Malcolm Plan to Thea and Laurel will take over as the Canary?

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Arrow Season 3 will be more excitement, new enemy, Thea fate and the new Canary in Starling City. The Season 2 finale “Unthinkable” was an intense and epic which we are cliffhanger what will happen next, why Oliver was in Hong Kong and Sara will back in Starling City? Many question pups up in our mind that the only will answer is people around of the show.

TVLine request cast member of Arrow where they have a Q and A portion, I know you are excited what will be their answer of the sizzling question. Here’s some of what the cast shared to us.

Who will be the Arrow Arch Enemy? Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen aka Arrow) want to answer the question but that question refuse, who will be the enemy of Arrow this Season 3, where in Season 2 his “friend” Slade will take him down, which means Slade will be not around as like is Season 2 that he control everybody. In he added this season will be a bit of change.

Related News: Do you know that John Barrowman will be Regular of Arrow Season 3, where I am freaking out right now because the Dark Archer will be in action again.

Thea’s fate, what will be Malcolm Plan to his Daughter? We saw that one again Thea was been disloyal to his mother, brother and now her boyfriend, which that anger pointing that and an I cannot blame her for what close to her heart doing to him. But on the other side I know the reason why they are keeping secret and sometimes lying to Thea just want to be safe.

In now that Thea discover her father was Malcolm Merlyn and she saw him face to face in the finale, where John Barrowman will be regular this season. In suspected Malcolm train Thea to be stronger and not believing any people around him especially his brother and Roy, in if it happen Malcolm was just not right as a father which cross finger that Thea will be not villain. (The actor’s other big wish for Season 3: less claustrophobic Dark Archer duds. “I’ve already said to [exec producer] Andrew Kreisberg, ‘I want an ouftit like Stephen [Amell]‘s, but in black.’”)

Is Laurel lance will be the next Canary? We know that her little sis Sarah will rejoin to Nyssa and the League of the Assassins, after that Sara and laurel moment that Sara wanted to left some important things and Sara gave her leather jacket to laurel, which I know all of us, wait what! Is Laurel will be the next Canary? Katie Cassidy relied with a smile that she says it not necessary the Canary passed the torched to him. We quite know that Katie just begun to fit which she last saw lifting some weight and maybe she will just preparing of action or something to be part of the Arrow.

I know you have many question wanted to answer but keep that or comment at below to have answer in your mind. Arrow Season 3 will be awesome and epic scene….

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