First Look at ‘Father Gabriel’ in The Walking Dead Season 5

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OK! So we see that Abraham, Eugene and Rosita appears last season of The Walking Dead in Season 4 and now I know you are asking, we’ll father Gabriel will able to pop of on Season 5?

Wish granted guys because TWD official announce that Father Gabriel will show this season, in fact Seth Gilliam will play this character. This is interesting because in the upcoming episode we will see him which have a huge part in the series.

I know you are excited to this character, if you want to know him just read it at below, FYI! All the information at below are just based on the Comics of TWD.

 Father Gabriel Stokes before the zombie apocalypse it happen he was the reverend of a local community church in Georgia. This man had a secret dark side of him, he turned away the survivors during the early days of zombie outbreak, it was so horrifying thing happen that he left them alone listening their dying screams.

After that the church begun the target of different groups especially the flesh eaters or also known as the Hunters. Rick group been corner that Dale legs cut where the Cannibals eat it. In because he had no more option Stokes was forced to track down the Hunters, after that when they saw the Hunters tutored Rick and the group in front of them, where they do must do just to survive.

Now the question is where father Gabriel is the person get Beth? What can you say to Rev. Gabriel is he good or sneaky men?

First look at Father Gabriel (Walking Dead Season 5). Below is a set picture of new character Father Gabriel from the Walking Dead comics (being played by previously reported actor Seth Gilliam).

Check it out:

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