Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 6 Under the Gun Summary, Promo and Previews

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In the next episode of Pretty Little Liars entitled “Under the Gun”, Hanna has some describing to do to her mother and father and the cops after she is discovered with something she should not have. Mona leaks a key of Spencer’s to the other Liars resulting in harm emotions amongst the team. Emily tries to help Hanna, only to have “A” shine a light. And Aria allows out a buddy of Mike’s, who gets the incorrect impact of her.

Meanwhile, Shana keeps taking up in the most uncommon locations. And Spencer’s research into who was on the other end of Ali’s strange contact variety brings her and Toby to Ravenswood which is compared with any position they have ever seen.

The pretty little liars season 4 episodes is way more interesting to watch and the show is getting better every episode as the girls learn to play the game of A but A is wise enough to include the parents in the game and let the liars freak out. In the previous episode of pretty little liars “Gamma Zeta Die”, Every liars have the concern with their parents now since A is one step with them and the target are their parents that is why most of the liars are concerning for the safety of their parents as they didn’t know the game of A. Aria is just keeping calm about her mom as she goes with her new boyfriend but it will not to be happen and she will remain in Rosewood because of her brother Mike that discountenance of the trip and she decided to remain and Aria is after with her mother in this time As they are talking inside the car and Aria goes and her mother left in the car and some bees are inside the car. How the bees got inside the car air conditioner anyway?

Aria confronts her brother Mike in not giving the permission to her mom to go with her new boyfriend to went in Austria and they lead to an argument with his little brother. Meanwhile Spencer and Emily went to the nearby college but the main reason of Spencer is to know who is behind of the number that A is been using while Emily is just focused in the college thing that she want and wants to join of the sorority. Later of the day Aria talk to her dad to talk to her mom and tell her to go with her boy friend in maybe sounds to be awkward but this is Aria thinks for the betterment of her mom far away from A. 
Emily went to the nearby college and have a picture of Alison asking everyone if they know the girl in the picture but no one knows her but Spencer is not giving up while Emily is in the serious matter about the sorority that she want to join in. 
Meanwhile Hanna is still suspicious with her mom that she is hiding something later the day when her mom is not home she opens a closet to find a shoes but she found a gun. This probably the gun that Caleb is been talking that it is her father’s gun been missing. Since Hanna is so worried about her mom she takes the gun and went to Spencer and Emily. Spencer is shock when she saw Hanna in the place and Hanna shows the gun to Spencer. Hanna is wrong it is not the right thing to get the gun in the party if she wants to help her mother it is not the right place to be. She left Hanna setting in the couch while Spencer is looking for Emily and she went upstairs but somehow a room caught her attention she enters and find a telephone she tries to connect the connection of the phone and calls Aria and it is exactly the number that A is been using. 
Spencer went down to Hanna but Hanna is gone she just walk out and grab a pitcher and went to the woods and Emily is following her. Spencer went also to the woods and seen Emily asking where Hanna and they didn’t know. While in the middle of the woods Hanna is digging using the pitcher and try to bury the gun but suddenly the cops appeared and arrested Hanna. Spencer and Emily went back to the party and on the road there is a police car and Hanna is being cuff and arrested with the cops and getting inside the car.

What will happen to the liars it seems Hannah is so dumb to play the game of A and a is enjoying the game with Hannah. 


Check out the preview of the upcoming episode.

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