Promo & Sneak Peek for Dexter Season 8 Episode 7: Dress Code with Photos

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We'll what can you say to the previous episode of Dexter which the title episode is “A Little Reflection.” This moment of time because you are one of the million people die hard fans I will gave you an Promo & Sneak Peek for the next episode of Dexter “Dress Code.” Watch Dexter Episodes Online.

OMG!.. Hannah is back we last seen her when he is free, she visits Dexter's apartment and places a potted black orchid outside his door as an ominous goodbye. She is seen walking away with a determined look upon her face. She returns in Season 8. in now she's back what will be the reason why she come to visit to Dexter that on the previous episode that we seen who Dexter and Debra are chatting but suddenly Deb feels dizzy as well Dexter also and guest what the face who was so familiar to us that actually me I was surprise that she make an appearance in the last scene. In if Deb will learned that Hannah was back she will be angry for we all know the reason why.

In also the feeling that Dexter let go his subject that was strange bit I know Dexter feels what Zach fells also who might thinking Zach is officially Dexter's third disciple, the first two being Miguel Prado (whom he later killed) and Lumen Pierce (whom retired from killing). He may be the youngest psychopath on the series, next to Jeremy Downs.
The "Dress Code" promo, which you can check out below, shows Dexter waking up not at Deb's place, and well, now that Deb has accepted that part of her brother, she wants Hannah gone. Can you blame her after what she did? Dr. Vogel (Charlotte Rampling) has some advice for Dexter: "Before you take matters into your own hands, consider all the consequences of those actions." But what's going to happen when Dexter finds Hannah and asks why she's back? Well, it turns out she's married. Meanwhile, Dexter has to deal with a too-eager apprentice, but could Cassie (Bethany Joy Lenz) suffer when he's not home to answer Zach's knock?

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