Dexter Season 8 Episode 5 “This Little Piggy” Summary plus Promo

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After the killing happen in LaGuerta Debra is can’t going on with her life that he is just mistaken the person that she have shot in that night and it is Dexter. In dexter season 8 episodes Debra life is just have no where to go but Dexter finally move on being a good father to his son and life must go on but the good life of dexter will be change as a person from the part come once again in his life to reveal who really he is sounds to be interesting in dexter season 8 episodes and Dr. Vogel will enter into his life in knowing more who really he is. 

Dr. Vogel is in the rescue to help out Dexter to get back her sister Debra in the right state of mind. Dr. Vogel and Debra visit again the place where she killed LaGuerta and do some great mind manipulation with it. Dr. Vogel wants to to relive the experience and working oddly too hard in convincing Deb that she did the right things in not Shooting Dexter in that time. 

As a last ditch effort to get Debra to see things her way, Vogel goes to her trusty DVD collection to show Debra a recording of when her father, Harry, realized what the code really means brutal, concise murder. 

“What if the code is a mistake,” Harry says. Vogel abruptly stops the recording and tells Debra that Harry eventually came around and learned to understand that the code was necessary to keep Dexter alive and under the police’s radar. Harry protected Dex the same way Debra protected him, Vogel preaches. 

But we get our first hint that the increasingly aggressive Vogel isn’t the gem she’s cracked up to be. Swiping another DVD from the stash, Debra sees that she’s been manipulated Harry was NOT okay with the monster he created, he was so un-okay with it that he killed himself, which we already knew but Debra definitely did not. 

Meanwhile Dexter is back again in who he is in searching for the surgeon that after Dr. Vogel. The first person that takes in her list is AJ Yates, he is the former patient of Dr. Vogel that has a curious skull scar across his skull at the back. 

But whether or not Yates is the Brain Surgeon (Dexter thinks he is, I’m not convinced), his biggest impact in the episode happens when he’s not even around. Dexter, snooping into Yates’ computer, finds Vogel’s case files and learns that HE is patient zero. He’s the first person Vogel experimented on. The Code isn’t some masterpiece, it’s a work of trial and error. And what’s more, Vogel seems to be purposely dividing Dexter and Debra to better fit her theories. 

After all the realization that Deb has been made after she watched the tapes of his father. She visits to the Miami Metro it is really weird that she is just saying googbye before asking to go a drive with Dexter. This is just like the dreamy scene that most of the fans that are looking for after the misery happens with these two siblings.

But it turns out she doesn’t just want to kill herself, she’s planning on taking down Dexter too. “He only got it half right,” she says, referring to her dad before grabbing hold of the wheel and driving them both into a lake. A fisherman screws up the plan by saving Deb and wouldn’t you know it, she once again chooses Dexter and drags him out of the sinking car. Oh my god. Things have changed. Vogel is not in control anymore, and in trying to push Dexter and Debra apart, she actually might have made them closer. 

In the next episode of Dexter Season 8 episode 5, Dexter and Debra try to keep Dr. Vogel safe. 

Check out the promo of upcoming episode below:

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