Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 6 “Motel California” Recap

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Oh EMM GEEEE!!!! Gerard is really alive and still bleeding a black blood, and if may makes you happy to know that he looks awful. And viewers probably very thrilled while watching this episode because of the horrifying and breathtaking scenes, where fans will surely be amazed. You can see Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 6 “Motel California” with the full episode here on telepisodes.net.

So anyway, at the beginning of the episode Scott and the Lacrosse team is on the journey to a competition meet.  It was already late when they got into a Motel where they’re being staying in for the night. The motel is not famous for their best service yet they’re known by the numerous suicides where the owners itself keeps on counting.

Stiles is still trying to figure out the truth behind unsolved crimes/the sacrifices that just recently happened on Beacon Hills. He already has his suspects, which includes Cora, Peter and Lydia. Lydia was in his list of suspect because this thing also once happened in her birthday, where she tried to poison Scott, Sitles and others. Meanwhile, Lydia had a very bad feeling about the place but they don’t have any choice but to sleep in there. Through the night, Lydia just keeps on getting a terrible feeling of that place where she keeps on hearing voices of people who had suicide before. 
While there at the Motel California, Stiles once again suspects Lydia to what’s happening to Scott, Isaac, Ethan and Boyd. This werewolf just attempted suicide, good thing that their friends are there to help and wake them up. Scott attempted to burn himself but because his best friend Stiles was there, he was saved. Stiles just reminded him that though he’s nobody, he is still somebody. For Stiles, he is his best friend and his only brother.

Well, anyway if you’re interest to see Teen Wolf Season 3 Episodes online with the full episodes from the previous season. Stay tune for more spoilers and latest news about Teen Wolf and other most favorite series.

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