How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Spoilers: Filming Started in Advance and Gift Mystery?

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Once again the bunch of groups will be back which How I Met Your Mother Season 9, for person behind of HIMYM which is Craig Thomas and carter bays have elusively been giving us an inside scoop in the ninth season which it means this will be the final season via Twitter. That is the reason you must check it out some of the recent updates on the season below.

Season kicks of filming on July 10th: Craig Thomas tweeted “To answer several peoples’ questions: We start shooting two weeks from tomorrow, our earliest start ever…this is happening! #HIMYM
Ted’s mystery gift: Carter Bays tweeted a trivia question to fans asking “What was Ted’s wedding gift to Marshall and Lily?” before later adding “Okay yes in case you’re wondering, you’ll have to watch season nine to get the answer to the #HIMYM Trivia Question.”

In I am freaking excited to watch this show for the reason is they make my day alive, so hoping you will not miss and get some updates only this site and hoping you will enjoy.

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