Will Stiles find Mutual Attraction in Season?

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As what we saw on the latest spoiler of Teen Wolf Season 3(b), we discover that officially Stiles Stilinski will have a love interest in this season. (Thrilling!)

Do you witness the recent episode of teen Wolf which title by “Illuminated,” which if you miss it I will gave you and hint what happen to Stiles? Where Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) get a chick last episode which we discover it was Caitlin (Zelda Williams) for that will be an important stepping stones regarding of understanding Scoot’s best friend. It guest what Caitlin was a bisexual, she stood the similar inquiry to Stiles, who paused to think but eventually doesn't answer her.

In I know to all the fans of Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) will be intrigue of this and looking forward if that will be the girl who speculate Stiles will have relation. In according from TV Line, they said that Stiles will indeed find someone else... In question who is that lucky girl or boy?

In this is nice to heard for the reason is in the episode 20 which entitled “Echo House”, Stiles will finds a mutual attractions…and more from TV Line writers.

On the other side there will not any information regarding that issue and also according to the new character will be appeared in this season but male and female sure will appeared, in there will be possibility that this two character will be one of Stiles relationship, in the boy named Oliver and the girl was Meredith which will introduced in Episode 20.

We saw after the Season 3(b) we find out Stiles had a scene someone kissing in it was a girl or other than Caitlin. Could this Meredith or someone else?

In yea don’t forget Teen Wolf season 3, episode 17, “Silverfinger,” airs Monday, February 3, at 10 p.m. ET on MTV. Be sure to tune in and find out who the masked warriors are after!

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