Arrow Spoiler: Katrina Law as Nyssa al Ghul Appeared on Arrow Season 2 Episode 13

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This is the latest spoiler of Arrow, for this might be interesting to hear about. Because there will be another character will entered in Starling City which will played by Spartacus start in that was Katrina Law as Nyssa al Ghul make her first appearance on Arrow season 2 episode 13 that will air on February 5, 2014 which the title episode is “Heirs to the Damon”.

In to all the DC fans I know you are anticipated who goanna be the next character will appear, in we know another Spartacus star will be part in Arrow. That if you noticed some of the character of Arrow are star in Spartacus talent once more, with Manu Bennett as Slade Wilson also known as Deasthstroke and yea Cynthia Addai-Robinson which she will be a guest starred will play as Amanda Waller. According to the executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, in also this is the reason why law will not played as Shado which she audition for the role.
“It actually came down to Katrina and Celina [Jade] and honestly, part of it was just that because we knew she’d have scenes with Slade, and it just felt like a ‘Spartacus’ overkill.”
The reason why Nyssa al Ghul is in Starling City, when Sarah Lance come back, Oliver and lance come to her and encourage to stay with her family laurel and Dinah. In when Nyssa face to face with Sarah to go back, Sarah refuse to come back. Nyssa kidnapped Dinah. In come to conclusion Sarah decided to go back because every time when she will stay in Starling City, her family will put in the danger situation.

Nyssa al Ghul is a member of the League of Assassins. She is likewise the daughter of Ra's al Ghul. It is highly likely that Nyssa was the one that trained Sara Lance. In the comics, one of the daughters of Ra's al Ghul is actually named Nyssa Raatko.

You can check out some new images from the episode below, (c) of IGN enjoy...

Arrow 2x13 - Season 2 Episode 13 Preview

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