Highlights of The Walking Dead back on February 9, 2014

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To be at exact we have 10 days and 23 hours and 58 minutes and one seconds as what I post this article, for I am excited what will happen next to Carl and Rick’s and the group after the governor destroy the prison. Now I am asking myself, at your own personal answer, how depressing it was and also a drastic thing happen aftermath which all was just chaos that I cannot imagine.

 In also Rick and Carl had still problem and the major was baby Judith was still missing and they don’t have any idea where she was and I bit it that Rick and Carl will have another adventure to locate where was baby Judith.

On the mid-season final how depressing it was that they will still chaotic a and this time the survivors will getting more aggressive just to protect each other and hoping that no character will die for I cannot take it anymore to see dying in that situation. As the zombie drama/ mayhem returns Feb. 9th, what other new challenges await them? To have more information about more updates just click here.

In yea to all the Walkers fans here’s the new another spoilers, check it out!

via TV Line:Not only does the Feb. 9 midseason premiere — titled “After” — further open a window to Michonne’s past, it also kinda serves as Carl’s official coming-of-age episode. And trust me when I say that you’ll never again think about discounting Chandler Riggs as just a good “kid actor” — his work here is exceptional. 
via TV Guide:Don’t expect to see too many familiar faces since Rick and Carl take center stage when the AMC drama returns. While Rick heals from his beating from The Governor — whom you will see again — Carl will lose something very important to him. (No, not his innocence!)

The Walking Dead: ''Don't Look Back'' Season 4 - Second Half Trailer

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