The Huntress Appeared in Arrow Season 2!

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This is awesome guys because out Huntress will appeared in Arrow Season 2! See more details at below…

Jessica de Gouw (The Huntress) her role as the DC Comics vigilante during the episode 17 of Arrow Season t which the episode title is “Birds of Prey”.

The last we saw Helena Bertinelli, Oliver (Stephen Amell)that they had an connection but Helena wanted to revenge what his father done to here fiancé that want to hunt, crime boss Frank Bertinelli (Jeffrey Nordling) after he had her fiancé killed. In once again she come to visits in starling city but now she return for had a mission after Arrow arrest Frank. However, to kill him in the spot, she’s going to have go through the Arrow and Cannary (Caity Lotz)!

Helena Bertinelli is the third person to discover Oliver Queen's secret identity, The Arrow. She discovered this in "Muse of Fire".

It can be assumed Helena was once a good, kind, caring, compassionate, reasonable person, who tried to send her father to jail legally and discreetly, because she knows he is a monster and he thrives on other people's suffering.

“Birds of Prey” is set to air Wednesday, March 26th.

This time what will be the reason why Huntress in Starling City? And are you excited of her come back?

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