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We are getting near to the season finale of Arrow that we will expected there will be more exciting, intense and breath taking scene. In general this is forty-fifth episode overall. It will be air on May 7, 2014 only at Expect also surprised ally that you will not expected.

To all asking why Sara Lance aka the Canary leave the Starling City is because she need a hand to League of Assassins. This is good news to us because Nyssa is back in action again. In their aim objective is to get rid Slade’s soldier before they will destroy the Starling City. Not only that according to Andrew Kreisberg he gave as a hint;

“She goes and gets Nyssa (Katrina Law)), and she comes back with the League. It’s the Arrow, Canary, Roy and the League of Assassins vs. Slade and his Mirakuru army for the city.”

We all love Nyssa right?

This is awesome season finale! I can’t wait anymore… That for the first time Malcolm Merlyn will do what is right and revenge to Slade Wilson what he had done Moira.

Still it was not confirm at the back on Nyssa is Dark Archer (Malcolm Merlyn), but I am hoping it was him for the reason is it will surely Deathstroke, Brother Blood and the soldier will not disappointed to the action. For it will epic that Dark Archer, Arrow, the Canary, Roy, Nyssa and the League of Assassins will be in the same aim. In yea Never forget Arrow Team I surely they will involve also in the epic fight. GO TEAM ARROW!

This is the official synopsis of Arrow Season 2 Episode 23: UnthinkableSlade moving forward to his plan and the only remain to get justice to revenge to Shado is Oliver will be dead. In this time Arrow will be same as old one like a killer, because when Oliver’s close to his heart was been kidnap, Oliver realize that sometime you must do what will doing Unthinkable just to stop the monster (Slade Wilson). Diggle takes on Isabelle Rochev with a little help to his friends. Meanwhile Thea turns to Roy in her time of need.

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