The Count Return in Arrow Season 2

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Her another spoiler that might you interested about this for the reason is one of the recurring villain will reappear in this Season 2 of Arrow.

The Count is the former drug dealer which was called Vertigo. He acceptable his nickname for the reason his first customers, or "victims", were left with a mark by the injection of the drug on their neck, shaped like a vampire's bite.

This man is the reason why Oliver sister using the Vertigo which lead a serious accident in that is the reason why he wanted a revenge. The Count The Count sent his men out to slow down the vigilante. However, in the end, Arrow gave The Count a taste of his own medicine and injected him with considerable amounts of his own drug, an amount doctors have never seen anyone live through before.

In DC The Count is based off of Count Vertigo In the DC Comics. In the original comics, Count Vertigo had the inability to disorient his victims using a chip planted in his skull, which is obvious In Arrow as the drug called Vertigo. He is described as being very nightmarish.

DC Entertainment’s “DC All Access” (a new weekly DC web-series) has revealed that Seth Gabel will be returning to Arrow as The Count!

Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim revealed that “He is coming back and he is bringing a whole lotta chaos with him.”

Watch the full reveal here.

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