The Walking Dead Season 4(b) Promotional Photos

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We are now getting near to the next episode which we left the previous episode where the episode title is “Too Far Gone”, where all Rick’s group put in danger for they are now in out in guard for the prison was destroy as what the Governor done. We are now asking ourselves what will happen to them. Will another character will die this episode? Oh will they will collide each other or gonna survive by them all?... I had many question in my mind that is the reason why I am eager to witness The Walking Dead 4 Episode 9 “After” which will be back on February 9, 2014 only at

On the last scene we left Carl and Rick walk away from The Prison, with Rick proclaiming, "Don't look back, Carl. Just keep walking", as dozens of walkers stream in through the destroyed ruins.

In also what will happen to Glenn is he will be still sick? And I am hoping that Glenn will not die for the first episode of this show is really like him. In hoping no warm will happen to him for the reason is if he will die I am out of this show.

In the next episode we will see how Rick will deal his fresh wounds, members of the prison have to come to terms with their new environment and ask themselves if survival alone is enough. This adapted scene is taken from Issue 50, where Carl, guiding the walkers to away in the house.
Entertainment Weekly has shared 7 spoiler photos happening on the hotly-awaited return of the AMC smash. Check out the stills in the gallery below!
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