The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale: What is Terminus and who will Arrive?

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We witness some of the groups are make it to Terminus, including Glenn, Maggie and etc… the question is what is this [place and who will survived and appeared in the next season? better not to miss The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 16: A.

Are you aware the two promotional photos of The Walking Dead season finale which focusing to Carl, Rick, Michonne and Carol which I am thinking they are closer to the Terminus. With the word “Who Will Arrive?” here’s my theory we will might be saw Michonne, Carl, and Rick including Carol will survived this season.

In the history of TWD every season ends some of the major character died that we doesn’t expected will happen. In I am hoping that if they will arrive in Terminus no one will die, for the reason is it will blow that places of being safe and all the fans will said it looks like a woodburry. I am freaking now awesome of that.

We learn that the groups who doesn’t arrive in Terminus which they are Rick, Carl, Michonne, Daryl, Tyreese and Beth. That at the end of the episode 15 which the episode title is “Us” he walk what Carl, Michonne and Rick walk in that place, where I am looking forward they are near to Terminus and I don’t know what is my emotion right how that I would be glad or afraid. Also where was Beth and who is the person who kidnapped him and is she was still alive?

Here’s the newest sneak peek of The Walking Dead that we will see Carl, Michonne and Car that they are trap in the isolated place where they hear someone was screaming for help. In Carl response that he wanted to help the person screaming:

What can you say to the Terminus, where if you still remember we saw one lady was coking a barbeque, where I am thinking I think Terminus will have a rules, like they will select a person or two person will eat the meat?

We’ll I can say Terminus is a safe place as what regular house we saw, that I wish in the season finale they will gave us a big surprised that we will not expected and what will be the Terminus intention. SO, see you in Sunday.

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