Teen Wolf Season 4 Spoiler: New Student and Teacher will Enter to Beacon Hills

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We are blown away of a fuzzy and gloomy Season 3b where some of our favorite character died in they are Allison Argent and Aiden where both of them died of a stab of Oni. Where we also found out that Kate Argent was still alive where we been stunt because she was also a she-wolf, where she was more dangerous this time and I don’t what will be her involvement of the people looking her.

After Season 3b I was surprised that there will be Season 4, in fact they are looking a new casting one was a student and the other one was a teacher. We are aware that some of the recurring characters in this show experiment death, it could be the fans don't want to catch too involved to fresh jock Mason or math teacher Ms. Fleming.

Mason was described as an arrogantly gay athlete who both humorous and good-looking men with a secretive past. For he was a best friend of Beacon Hill’s fresh star lacrosse player, likewise a new character in Season 4. No furthermore information about Mason. But only thing I know Danny should be exultant at his appearance (awesome).

In the scone d character was Ms. Fleming where she was also a little mysterious. She also will appeared so, no doubt in Season 4, yet no information of this new teacher. Ms. Fleming is probable to soon be wicked, dead or both. Good luck, ma'am!

"Teen Wolf" Season 3b is currently airing Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

FYI! Teen Wolf season 4 is set to premiere on MTV Monday, June 23rd 2014.

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