The Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers: Andrew Lincoln Speak about the Romance of Rick and Michonne, plus Old Rick Return

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Previous season of The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) surpass when his wife die for surprised that I admit I hate her but it doesn’t worth Lori die when she giving birth Judith which Rick at first when he heard about it that his wife die he was miserable and he like a fool but because Rick had an strong character that he can manage and  move on and focus at the present and protect his group especially his son and daughter that I might thinking that he still not forget Lori.

In because Rick must focus to survived we see that Rick had change his ways and attitude who I was irritated to see that he change and also As the season progressed, we saw his character create by mental act sort of a mature and protective relationship with bad ass slayer, Michonne (Danai Gurira). And in conclusion, the previous season investigated on Rick’s attitude while handling the crisis brought in by the nefarious Governor (David Morrissey).

Rick and  Michonne first meet is when  Michonne was wounded that Rick though it was an walker but when he discover that he was an human who covering by the intense and blood of an walker that was  Michonne disguised. Michonne is a slim built African-American woman with long black braided hair in her early 30s. Michonne can nearly always be seen wearing a brown vest and leggings. She also has a cloak similar to her Comic Series variant.

So, the questioned it what will be the next plan of Rick groups and also what will be the next move of Governor. In if I were you must not miss The Walking Dead Season 4 only at

How are things looking for Rick and his prison crew when the AMC smash returns? Lincoln has spilled a few teasers on this interview with TV Line, hit the play button and enjoy!

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