Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 8 Recap - It’s Their Past That’s Made Them Who They Are Now

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The story of two werewolves who both have lost someone/something is finally revealed and told by the two unlikely people. It is not sure yet if the stories were really true or its just something to mislead Scott and the others to something dangerous, because this two unlikely person are Peter and Gerard, they’re both so untrustworthy. If you haven’t seen Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 8 yet you can visit telepisodes.net to view the full episode anytime at anywhere.
Gerard is such a bad person! After seeing the “Visionary” episode, fans like me sure want to squeeze him! This war between the Wolf Hunters and the Werewolf are all because of Gerard!

Anyway, after hearing that story of Gerard about Deucalion, Scott didn’t entirely believe the whole story because of his heartbeat was too unbelievably calm, that’s where he told Gerard, It’s maybe because he’s just a really good liar and if anyone innocent gets hurt again, he’ll come back to take away more than Gerard pain. 

Peter told the story about Derek, of how he becomes who he is now. Even though, Stiles don’t trust Peter that much he still does sometimes help a lot. Anyway, Peter told the story of Derek first true love, he knew all of this because he was once his best friend and confidant. The girl name was Paige, a beautiful girl who plays her Cello. Paige after getting pissed off Derek, she just decided to walk away and go back to practicing her music.

But Derek followed her to the music and ask for her name, though she gives it up easily where she makes him play one instrument in the room, where he suddenly obeyed and play one. Then it started their, young love between two different people. But this relationship into a saddest heartbreak ever! That you should see yourself because I can’t spoil you everything. Poor Derek!

After hearing that story of Derek, Stiles was not satisfied or yet convinced if Peter telling the whole truth or if he did, he feels that they need to know more. And he needs to go straight to Derek and ask him about the whole story.

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