Teen Wolf Season 3 Comic Con Trailer Revealed and Second half returns on January

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Hello to my fellow Teen Wolf fans, here’s the latest spoilers for Teen Wolf Season 3 2nd half, just warning for all you Wolfies, it’ll be a long wait. The mid season finale will air on August 19, 2013 and after that the second half will continue on January 6. By the way, you may see full Teen Wolf Episodes online here on telepisodes.net that you’ll definitely enjoy anywhere at anytime.

The second half of Season 3 contains 12 all new episodes for Season 3… And I bet that there will be more death coming. But I hope that there will be no major roles will die anymore. 

Anyway, here’s the latest and hottest Teen Wolf Season 3 New Comic-con Trailer;

This trailer is the darkest trailer that we’ve seen on Teen Wolf, it seems that there will be more death coming and it’s really creepy yet an exciting one. At the end of the video, it seems that Scott is losing his over the situation, and it’s either he joins the Alpha pack after he becomes a True Alpha or he’ll stick with his friends and do the best he can to protect them.

But some Teen Wolf fans/experts says that whatever we see in this trailer might not be all true ‘coz Teen Wolf Trailers are one the most misleading trailers that they’ve ever seen. I just hope that the kiss between Stiles and Lydia will something real.

Anyway, next episode is titled as “Visionary”; wherein Scott, Allison and Stiles seeks for answers and hear stories from two unlikely characters and gets to discover the secrets behind the werewolf’s eye colors.

As the show continues to give the thrilling exciting episode, the more it will be getting more fans that will surely make them go to the top. Just stay tune here to get the latest and hottest spoiler and you may visit telepisodes.net to view the full episodes of Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 8 online.

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