Dexter Season 8 Episode 3 “Whats Eating Dexter Morgan?” Summary Plus Preview

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In this final season of Dexter Season 8 all I have wanted is all about Dexter and Deb but suddenly Dr. Vogel is just come out in the spotlight and guess it is more exciting to watch that I thought it could be. In this final season we are looking backward in the life of Dexter that the appearance of Dr. Vogel and Dexter’s desire in examining the codes and some questions in his head that need some questions to be.

In the episode “Every Silver Lining” Dr. Vogel ask Dexter to come with him and she let Dexter watch the video of Harry being interviewed by Dr. and it is all about Dexter and in how he let jump into the decision in making Dexter a killer. In the other hand in giving all this information to Dr. Vogel she asks that the killer behind all the killings around in the metro is and it has two victims already and the responsible for it is might one of the patients of Dr. Vogel before and might after him.

Vogel and Dexter just work together in looking or the possible killer that after the Dr. Vogel is might be and just we have thought just a piece of a plastic bag can lead to the killer and forensics never get it wrong. This two I think have the chemistry with other Vogel is for the motherhood and Dexter is different from what we have seen before.

Meanwhile Deb is working for the other side she just leave Miami Metro and goes to the other for just special mission and it will lead Debra in to the trouble in killing El Sapo but Dexter just find out a piece of glass with a spot of blood on it and believe that it is the blood of the killer.

Dexter continue to find the killer after Dr. Vogel and it is Lussman he already knows where he can be found in the near lake and he have a cabin on it and Dexter come into he found those killing weapons but surprisingly is Lussman hanging his self outside and dead.

Way back in the Metro Debra take a visit and Joseph Quin invited to ask her some questions about El Sapo case. During the question Quin shows all the pictures in the crime scene and Debra a little bit have the hard time to take it good thing Dexter in the rescue. Dexter take Deb to the back of the building and have a conversation Dexter already know that Deb is responsible for the killing and Deb is in the big trouble since the Metro found a gun and Deb wants to get rid of it. It seems we found a new Deb now and forgets Deb before she killed LaGuerta. Since Dexter love her sister so much switch up the gun in the laboratory so that Deb won’t be trace.

Dr. Vogel says Dexter that being a psycho path is a state of nature and it is a gift but all the people that you care about are being destroyed. Dr. Vogel calls him that there is someone inside her house and immediately Dexter goes in her place and check the house and when Dr. Vogel come inside she found a dvd in the top of her laptop and Dexter told her to play it and it shows how the second victim is being killed through suffocating a plastic bag and it is Lussman but he already dead and there is someone filming the things happening and pointing a gun towards Lussman head.

Watching them in working the case together to solve the case is compelling but watching her in the end putting her arms around him is even more weird of Dexter’s new affection.

In the next episode of Dexter season 8 episode 3 entitled Whats Eating Dexter Morgan?, Dexter continue to manhunt the Brain Surgeon that is after Dr. Vogel while Dr. Vogel is trying to prove to Dexter that he is perpect as a psychopath. Debra Morgan PTSD kicks in and she makes a desperate plea to confess in LaGuerta’s murder.

Checkout the preview of the upcoming episode:

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