The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Spoilers: Nina Dobrev Tells about to Katherine as Human

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At the last scene of the finale season 4 of The Vampire Diaries, Elena and Katherine had an confrontation for both of them hate each other even-though they are doppelganger but still they had not the same like and attitude, who Elena wanted to kill Elena for she is the reason why her life was in misery and many people lost because of him and also Katherine wanted to kill Elena for the love of Damon and Stefan love Elena for Katherine is jealous and come into conclusion wanted to kill him him, but this is the twist for if you gonna see The Vampire Diaries Episodes for we are countdown the premiere episode of Season 5.

In when Elena and Katherine had face to face, Katherine attack to Elena and Elena strike to him for we all known that Katherine is much more powerful to Elena for Elena was just new one as the vampire. In when Katherine stab Elena at the neck, Elena had a plan to save himself in that is, she had the cure on her pocket and she get it and put to Katherine mouth and this will gonna be Katherine right now is a living human and I am excited what will be her reaction if she will know that she was human again.

In now Nina Dobrev had traveling as lot on this summer, and because MTV Nina had an contract and she had an new show that entitled “Let's Be Cops”. MTV was capable to catch up with Dobrev while filming in Atlanta, GA. Nina outlooks fans will see Katherine be who she is at her core and even though her personality traits will not change, but the biggest challenge will lie in what Katherine lacks.

Nina said “I don't know if Katherine will change for who she is at her core, that she was a human now and not a vampire, for she will be the save personality and the same treats, and she will be the save as conniving, crazy and manipulated. Looks to be a vampire.”

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