Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 3 “Cat’s Cradle” Guide, Promo and Sneak Peeks

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Who is the woman in black? This all the questions that all the liars wants to answer since they are eager to know who really the girl on black. The girls are not really convincing that Mona is in their side now but rather they are thinking and accusing Mona the responsible in putting Ashley phone in WIlden’s coffin. Mona are not playing with the girls anymore but rather she is in their side now but the girls are not yet so convincing in Mona that is why Mona finds a way so that she can prove that all the girls are in this together and Spencer dares to Mona and take them to the RV and then they drives up into the RV with the separate car with the liars.

The girls arrive and Mona opens the gate to where the RV was, and is in shock when the RV is gone, and the girls think that Mona has taken it somewhere else. The girls still don’t believe Mona and they go to leave. Hanna and Spencer leave in their car, while Aria and Emily wait, and they watch Mona. Mona gets into her car and then all of a sudden, from the back seat, a hooded figure with an Ali mask starts to choke Mona. Mona tries to reach for the flashlight and Aria and Emily see that Mona’s car lights are flashing, so they start walking to the car. Mona finally gets the flashlight and whacks A with it and jumps out of car, and onto to the ground, gasping for breath.

Aria and Emily run over to her. Mona’s car starts up and A drives the car and tries to run over the three. They jump onto the rocks and Emily lands on one of them, badly injuring her shoulder.

Aria have a next goal in her life to practice a defense mechanism in herself that she can used against A with her instructor named Jake but it ends the day with a sweet kiss but Aria didn’t know why she kissed him. Since Wilden case is become more suspicious that the girls are currently on the list Arius saw Mona talking to the cop where Wilden’s body is found and it makes Aria more suspicious of Mona but Mona is trying to know the back story of the murder and she says that there is a taped off the shore of Torch Lake and they found Wilden’s footprints and a woman footprints in high heels which is Allison commonly to wear.

Toby and Spencer are talking and he admits to her that he moved the RV saying A asked him to move it in exchange for info about his mother. A gave him a transcript from his mother's stay at Radley that was written on the night she supposedly commited suicide by jumping out a window. The transcript says she was hopeful that day, wishing to get home to see her family.

Emily is getting ready for the big swim meet in the locker room, and takes more pain medication. Shana comes up to her asking if she has an extra swim cap. She asks Emily why her friends think she was friends with Wilden and Emily tells her she doesnt like to talk before the race. She starts to get dizzy and the poolfloor gets blurry. She crashes into the pool wall and busts her head. She's rushed out of the school. The ER people ask her how she hurt her shoulder and she says she fell off her bike.

Ms. Marin takes out the muddy heels and puts them in a garbage bag. She senses someone watching her from outside and goes to turn on the light, but the bulb burns out. She throws out the muddy shoes. Is Mrs .Marin is with WIlden during the murder happens or it is someone else? Find out more the mystery on the show.

In the next episode of Pretty Little Liars season 4 episode 3 Cat’s Cradle, Hanna problems that her mom is maintaining a risky key and is identified to secure her at all expenses, which brings her to an unpleasant conference with Investigator Holbrook. An idea in Ali's factors brings the Liars to a scary cover up manufacturer, who requires a glow to Emily and may have connections to another Rosewood citizen. Spencer and Tody precede their look for into a agonizing section of Toby's previous and Brian profits to Rosewood. Meanwhile, A objectives Emily's mom, major Aria to make a anxious request of Ella.
Here is the promotional promo of the upcoming episode:

Are you bored in waiting until next week watch out the sneak peak’s of Pretty Little Liars season 4 episode 3:

Sneak Peek 1.

Sneak Peek 2.

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