Dexter – Episode 8.02: Every Silver Lining “Full Set of Promotional Photos”

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In Dexter Season 7 we been shock to what we witness that we thought that Dexter will be trap but an surprise for we all known that Dexter was an wise men that he can manage himself in the midst of distress and I was amaze to Dexter that he make an plan how to protect himself.

But sad that in the finale episode 12” Sup[rise, Motherfucker! For that episode was intense who the title of the episode is the iconic catchphrase spoken in Episode 112: Born Free by Sergeant James Doakes. At the moment, this is the official name unless changed otherwise (two other episodes have been changed this season, see Sunshine and Frosty Swirl and The Dark... Whatever). This episode was previously titled "Lethal Injection."

So in Dexter Season 8 how will Deb explain her bullet in LaGuerta's chest?...and how did she not have LaGuerta's blood on her dress....and if the subpena listed that it wanted GPS following for Dex and Deb's phones to link up the time line when she was arranged at the gas station the night of the church come her phone calls looking for Dex and LaGuerta wont be traced... and who will be responsible for cleaning out LaGuerta's house and work office files to collect the boodle crumbs trail she left investigating Dex...the subs murder gratify has just begun I'm thinking...
I might thinking Deb once again cover Dexter done that they will make an work that Laguerta committed entrapment.

If Dexter kills LaGuerta, won't that make everyone suspicious?

Every Silver Lining is the second episode of Season Eight and the Eighty-fifth in the Showtime series DEXTER.
Looks like dex is in kill room ouitfit while chatting with Dr. V in pic number 6! And ya for flashbacks of Harry!!! Just check it out the Dexter Season 8 Episode 2: Every Silver Lining - Full Set of Promotional Photos.

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