John Barrowman is Back in Arrow Season 3 as Regular in the Show

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Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) appeared in the finale episode of Season “Arrow,” as the Dark Archer arrives when Slade’s army are make move in the starling city, where thanks to him he save Thea Queen killed one of the mask man and guest what he revealed himself in front of Thea. She was surprised and stunt what she witness that the Dark Archer was his father, she running in the subway but Malcolm was persevere to follow him, that his only intention is to keep safe his only daughter. Arrow Season 3 will be back this year at fall better to catch up some updated news.

Malcolm persuade her to be with him, Thea replied to him she want nothing to with him. When Thea was irritating to Malcolm she trigger the gun shooting to Malcolm, he said to Thea he knows what feeling you experience right now where I endure that thing like what happen to Rebecca and Tommy’s death like yours you loss Moira and Robert. Thea fires two shots in his direction, lodging a bullet in his kevlar vest. Leaving him very copious alive.

After Thea leaves Malcolm in the subway to go Roy house, it happen that Malcolm exposed to Thea that Roy was also like Oliver and Moira a “liar”. In addition he will be there if you need me the most. Later on, Thea finds Roy identity as the Arrow sidekick, which is the reason why he back to his father and leave the starling city.

This surprise! Because Barrowman will be regular in the shows of Arrow Season 3… Better not to miss Arrow Season 3 for their will be a new flashback what happen to Oliver after he woke up with Amanda introduce himself, and also what will happen to Thea is he will be villain?

Here’s the tweet of Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen) check it out at below:

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