Malia and Stiles?, Derek Relationship Status? And Why Allison Died?

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Here’s the catch to those asking that Malia and Stiles, Derek New love life and also the reason Allison died. This is what we will expect what will happen in Teen Wolf Season 4, thanks to Jeff Davis.

Malia and Stiles – we seen that Malia will be the fresh student and Beacon Hills High School where I love the scene when Malia and Lydia eye contact and smile where I think they know in the future they will be a girlfriend. Anyway, better not to miss the next season what will happen to Malia and Stiles where they will have a scene in the primarily episode. But when Malia enter she will have smooth life because it’s getting harder thing in her life regarding the pack. In addition Peter will complicate more.

We’ll where Derek find true love in the next season? – I had a logic regarding to Derek we saw in the last scene of the finale episode of Teen Season 3b that Kate Argent appeared which she might be the shewolf what the goons talking about or another woman in beacon Hills, what will be Derek and Kate will back their romance, are approved of that. Anyhow, according to Jeff “Hoechlin is truly excellent at romance on-screen, and we know that he loves it, also the fans waiting of this. Teen Wolf writer had many ideas better to witness what will happen to Derek relation status.

Here’s the reason why they kill Allison – I am upset that Allison died in this season because she was one f the original character and also I love her. According to Jeff he said that they had a taught days how to exit Allison in the scene where they come into the conclusion that they wanted kill the character, but we know that Cystal also the reason why she left the show because she wanted to get a new world and carrier. Where she was not the person saying, OK! Guys I’m done, take care. . I have the utmost respect for Crystal, who sat me down and told me she was ready to move on and try new things. I’m proud of her and feel very fortunate to have had an actress like that”.

Are you agree to Stiles and Malian you want another girl will enter to his life, and also is Derek will find true love in the next season?

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