Meet Enzo Love Interest – Heather Hemmens as Maggie in Vampire Diaries Season 5

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Guess what? Lorenzon “Enzo” will might have a girl of his life and to all the fans are waiting for this that some of the episodes of TVD if you are truly fan of this show you will familiar the name of Maggie. We’ll I can defined him a attractive women and no doubt why Enzo was in love to her.  TVD cast new character Heather Hemmens as Maggie and also known as The Augusine Society research assistant that Enzo was fell in love to her since 1950’s in that was called true love.

According to the trusted source Heather Hammens will play as Maggie as what I said earlier that she will have an mutual relationship to Enzo and this interesting to witness how Enzo will change when he figured it out that she was still alive.

In do you know Heather Hemmens, in recent times seen on Grey’s Anatomy, but perhaps finest known for her role in The CW’s Hellcats. In Maggie will was appeared in The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 9 which the episode title is “The Cell”. I will gave you a hint what happen on that episode, when Enzo and Damon getting closer as best paw, Enzo open the topic regarding the woman told to Damon that he admit he fell in love to her. In also because Dr. Whitmore was experiment to him he had no opportunity to tell to Maggie what truly felling to him, and how sad is that, poor Enzo! Last thing what Maggie said to Enzo was, When she finally realized what was going on here, she couldn't bear it. So she said she was sorry and she left."

Now the question is, how Maggie was still alive in the present time and also how she keeps himself so attractive that my mouth was open. In also we will expected that Maggie first appereance will be so youthful that you cannot thing she was old something. There are two possible explanations: 1) She will be seen in flashbacks or 2) She has turn out to be a vampire. We’re kind of in suspense for both.

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