Aiden Flowers as Young Klaus Appeared in The Originals Season 1 Episode 16 – Photo

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Are you excited to see the young Klaus? If yes, I might said that this will be your lucky day for the reason is in The Originals Season 1 Episode 16 which the episode titled is “Farewell at Storyville” that will air on March 12, 2014. According to the source they gave us and hint that in this series we will expect another flashback to our handsome big bad hybrid which was Klaus in this will be excitement to witness young Klaus. The person will appear as young Klaus is nine years old a actor in that was Aiden Flowers will show soon.

In also we will expect that he will looks like twin brother of Klaus with the bright blue eyes, Aiden as an actor very similar to out Klaus. In hoping that the CW or whatever will release an glimpse of young Klaus for I admit I cannot wait to see him.

I know also that you are agitated which we witness how cute and innocent id is Klaus, before he was mentally and physically abused by his not so father (Mikael). A long time ago Klaus as a young age like a simple, playful dreamer looking of a adventure, and I just can’t wait what Klaus and Elijah do some of naughty things they have done with his half brother Elijah in time of Viking era.

On the official description said, there will be several flashback in the highlight is Klaus in is young age. We bet it has incredible to do with the long-held secret from the family’s past that Elijah has kept concealed for all these centuries. Not only that because in the next episode what will happen to Rebekah is she will be died by her brother Klaus, in also is Elijah will keep protecting his younger sister Rebekah? Finally there will be a scene between Rebekah and Hayley that they are concern to the unborn baby inside of Hayley.

So what can you say about Aiden as young Klaus, just comment at below to have a short discussion. In also this episode will get more intense in drama in our way.

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